Black Wolf CrossFit is now offering SMALL GROUP and ONE ON ONE training for those in the Lindale Park neighborhood. Workouts may be conducted at your house or in the park and the times available range from 5am to 7pm (it is really up to you). 

Black Wolf CrossFit will be opening in Lindale Park at 5701 Irvington (the empty warehouse next to Valero) early in 2015. Once the facility opens most of our operations will move indoors. Until then we would like to begin working in our community, meeting our neighbors and running our workouts! 


The purpose of the workouts will be to educated clients on the importance of proper movement, the value of increasing our activity levels, as well as the importance of healthy nutrition and lifestyle management choices. All workouts are tailored to the client or clients involved during that session. Nobody is expected to do any one thing with their particular set of circumstances taking under consideration. There will not be any heavy weights or even barbells during these workouts. The intimidation factor will be as low as possible. We will have discussions at the beginning of each session assessing the condition and goals of the client. As those circumstances change the workouts will adapt to meet the new requirements. Slow and steady has shown us more long term success than jumping straight from the couch into the thick of it. You being too sore or too injured doesn’t benefit us in any way. Mobility (think stretching) and recovery will be priority and constantly talked about.

Ben leading a group at CrossFit Zeke a few weeks ago. 

The staff of Black Wolf CrossFit have been large parts of the Houston CrossFit industry for 5 years now. We have worked in the Spring Branch/Memorial area, moved in to the Heights and have finally settled down in the Lindale Park neighborhood. We are not terribly interested in the high flying athletes at this time. We have absolutely no problem pointing them in the direction of programs and coaches who are able to take them to the next level. Our bread and butter is the common man and woman. All ages, all shapes and all sizes. Our goal is to combat mediocrity. You were meant to feel better, to move better, to be happier than you currently are. You really were meant to thrive and writing it off by saying “Oh, well I am not 18 anymore so this is how it is meant to be” is misguided. If you begin to move (nothing crazy) and make a few changes in your diet, you will quickly feel as though you are on top of the world! 

One on One training sessions are 1 hour long and your FIRST SESSION IS FREE with each session after that for only $60!*

Group Training (up to 4 people) is also 1 hour in length with the FIRST SESSION FOR FREE! All sessions after that are $40 a piece!*


Bear Creek Area (Clay Road and Eldridge)- M/W/F at ~9am (this is flexible)

Memorial Park- Tuesday/Thursday at 5:30am


If you have any questions at all or you are interested in jumping into a workout, please send an email to or call me at (713)806-1475. 

Suggestions on new locations are welcomed. We have coaches and availability all over the city. 

Remember, it doesn’t take a big change to be better. Start small and you will love where you are in a few months.

-Ben Jocz

*These prices will most definitely increase so take advantage of this now.