Black Wolf CrossFit Introduces Off Site Weightlifting Education Clinics

Oralia working heavy pulls 

We all know adding traditional strength work to some degree is beneficial to our fitness goals. However, we also know that weightlifting may be dangerous if done incorrectly.

Weightlifting is not complicated. There is certainly technique that must be understood with each lift, but time spent with the barbell under the eyes of a good coach will instill confidence in you that allows you to continue weightlifting on your own.

Black Wolf CrossFit will be opening it's physical location at 5701 Irvington Blvd in Lindale Park (77009) early in 2015. Until then, our staff is spending time out in the city working with small groups at local parks and training clients in one on one settings at their homes or the area gym. 

We offer weightlifting education clinics and sessions for those who would like to begin to lift weights or for those who may have in the past but who would like to brush up on the technique. We will provide barbells and bumper plates if necessary. The program is tailored to you specifically and you will be taken through the progression of each lift, not moving on until a full understanding is demonstrated.

This is also great for your teens and college students who will inevitably find themselves in a weight room unsupervised. Weightlifting does not have to lead to injuries. When executed with proper technique and a certain degree of understanding, weightlifting increases your progress towards your health and fitness goals exponentially! 

Primal Sessions start as low as $40 for 1 hour (Back Squat, Deadlift, or Presses) 

The Good Stuff Sessions start as low as $75 for 1 hour (Snatch, Clean, or Jerk)

We also offer the Weight Room Education Course for $75 per session. In two sessions you will cover the Back Squat, the Deadlift, the Bench Press and the Hang Power Clean. 

Education and practice are the keys to success. There is no reason for these movements to worry you anymore. Understand them now so you may benefit from them going forward.