Be A Lion: You can't be stopped so get going!

Found this on Pinterest 

Found this on Pinterest 

You can be whatever you want to be. I want you to truly understand that. 

What stands in our way is simply our willingness to do the work. It is easy to dismiss a business or a person who has achieved great success as them being the outlier or the blessed, suggesting that we would be unable to climb the same mountain to success. But that is simply us hedging our bets. Playing it safe, so to speak. 

We are on this earth to do great things. The greatest is to impact those around us in meaningful ways on a daily basis. 

We have settled into comfortable lives, assuming the circumstances in which we live are permanent and unchanging. We feel we should just make due with what we have and that we will, therefore, achieve moderate levels of success. Because, after all, thats what normal people do, right? 

Whether it is our job, our bodyweight, our fitness level, our intelligence, our ability to give, our willingness to sacrifice, our social status, etc… we are in a position, whether we want to admit it our not, to change everything. 

I suppose what gets lost is the work that it would take. I do not believe you will walk outside of your terrible garage apartment and stumble into millions of dollars. I do not believe your dead end job will magically assume meaning. 

But I do understand that every single day is another opportunity to take a step in the right direction. To improve incrementally. 

If you are skinny and want to be big, just do it. Here’s a great resource! Want to know why you are tiny? Because you don’t put in the work to change! 

Are you large but would like to be less large (skinny is never the answer, ever...) then here is a great resource that will show you a way to approach it effectively! 

Tired of learning all your new words off of the Kardashians new tv show? Go read a book. A couple of pages at a time! It doesn’t need to be War and Peace. Start with The Great Gatsby or Old Man in the Sea! They are classics and they are easy reads that are over pretty quickly. Or read something you have an interest in. Rippetoe uses some fancy language in Practical Programming and Starting Strength! Or read the bio of someone who inspires you. I personally recommend Bob Thomas' Walt Disney: An American Original

We are not stuck being us. It doesn’t matter where you came from or where you have been. It really doesn’t even matter where you are at in this very moment. It matter where you are going (not where you want to go, but where you are actually on the path to).

You are capable of great things. Please understand and begin to believe that. You are not a lion in the zoo. YOU ARE A LION ON THE FUCKING SAVANNAH! Only you stand in your way!