Countdown To The 5am: #5 It is never as complicated as you would like it to be

Good morning and I hope you are on your way to having an absolutely productive and fabulous Wednesday. You will not see any camels here or discussion of humps as that is likely one of my least favorite things in the world (right up there with vests, fake glasses, head bands and tall socks, men's tights, cleanses in a box, and low fat milk...the list could go on. If you are not too familiar with me, just wait. Its always entertaining. Think Nick from New Girl with a little bit of Schmitt).

We are now 5 days away from opening our doors on December 15th for those FREE 5 and 6am classes (open to everyone. Read more about that here.). So with 5 days to go, here is number 5 on our Black Wolf Doctrine: It Is Never As Complicated As You Would Like It To Be.

Whether we are talking about fitness, nutrition, your job, an interpersonal conflict, the issue is rarely as complicated as we have made it out to be in our mind. Generally there is a simple solution or jumping off point. We hide behind the perceived complications and wrinkles because it keeps us safe and comfortable.

I do believe there are people that truly feel diet coke is damn near healthy so to assume everyone in the world is well educated on nutrition would be misguided. With that being said, the family that is feasting on french fries and big macs together is not unaware of the low nutritional value of their food. And if asked if being healthier or stronger or less obese is a goal they would likely say yes. So why have they not begun the journey? Because where on earth would they start. It is far too complicated right? 

It is the same thing we come across when we get buried at work. We have so much on our plate that we surely only have the choice to give up. But when we finally get sick of being beat down we start to chip away, and more often then not we find ourselves having moved through all of it much more quickly than we had expected to. 

You will tell me that a lift is too technical. You will tell me that you just aren’t able to move like that because of this excuse or that excuse (no, you having two babies doesn’t mean your body is incapable of moving properly. it actually means you are capable of far more amazing things than simple movement, duh!). 

It is so exciting when you realize how few limitations you actually have. What you believe yourself capable of on day 1 will seem silly on day 90 and will be  laughable on day 365. You are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for and you will soon begin making progress towards breaking down those self imposed barriers. Be great because that allows you to be happy!