Countdown To The 5am: #4 We are here to make an impact

4 days to go until our doors open up on Monday for the 5 and 6am free classes (Read more about that here!)! As with almost anything, as the day approaches the stress begins to mount. At times I feel as though I am spinning my wheels in a pit of mud. But no matter how overwhelming it seems, we are making progress each day. When we do open our doors next week I am not able to promise you any sort of finished product. We actually may be on the other side of the building for the first few days but we will have workouts and we will have equipment for those workouts. We will be expecting the rest of the equipment to arrive by the middle of the week. Once that occurs, the construction should be wrapped up and you will walk in and see a fully matted out and equipped right side of the building. That's the plan at least! So here is #4 on the Black Wolf Doctrine: We are here to make an impact! 

One of the greatest privileges we have is to be the leaders of an incredibly powerful community of people. When any group is focused on a common goal amazing things become possible and we plan on taking advantage of this in the hopes of contributing to the greater good in the world around us. 

This year we have chosen to work with the Discover Fitness Foundation, Pledgecents, as well as C.H.A.R.M. Prison Ministries. All three of these organizations are pursuing greatness through helping others gain access to opportunity those individuals may not be able to have on their own. 

The Discover Fitness Foundation runs out of Discover Gymnastics on Shepherd. Their goal “centers [on] awarding athletic scholarships to children with special needs, fighting obesity, and with financial struggles.” Their biggest need right now is financial support, although we are excited to potentially partner our CrossFit Kids program with their organization in the near future! If you would like to show your support without signing a check at this moment, you could head over to OKRA Charity Saloon. Discover is one of the contenders for this month. They clean the slate and eliminate organizations weekly until the end of the month so be sure to stop by weekly if possible! So get out there and buy a few rounds and be sure to cast your votes!

Pledgecents is an amazing organization focused on classroom fundraising through crowd funding. We have attended a few events in the past few months and their work is awesome! They are supporting teachers all over the place! We will certainly share all of their events they host in the future and we will likely create a workout or two to raise a bit of money ourselves at some point in time! Be sure to head over to their website and check out the current list of causes available for donation! 

Finally, C.H.A.R.M Prison Ministries is an organization I was really introduced to in detail this morning at their annual breakfast. The goal is to basically give inmates hope for a new life both inside and outside of the prison. With the system so crowded and overstressed, it is said that 2/3rds of released prisoners will commit crimes again, even with the current education and job training programs offered. CHARM uses evangelism, discipleship and aftercare (housing, transportation, etc.) to impact the lives of both men and women who are in and coming out of the criminal justice system. Of the 3, I believe this one has the most potential to be a hit or miss with each individual. For me, having been in jail twice and having dealt with the criminal justice system and the demands of probation, I understand just how easy it is to lose hope, and I truly experienced nothing compared to what inmates in the prison system experience. If I hadn’t been blessed with an incredible group around me through my ordeals, I would have never been able to maintain hope and I certainly would never have begun my journey of sobriety (3 1/4 years this month). CHARM looks to be that supportive group offering that hope to these men and women. You are able to donate financially as well as actually visit the prisoners on various Saturday mornings with events focused on playing sports! 

I assure you that we will make an incredible impact in the world around us. And these are just 3 examples of the types of organizations we look to partner with. We look forward to finding out what matters to our clients and working with groups that deal in those issues!