Dreams and Goals: The journey towards reality and FREE CROSSFIT

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Harvey Specter (the fictitious character on USA Network’s Suits) said, “I don’t have dreams, I have goals.” Then you have Walt Disney stating, “If you can dream it you can do it!” 

What I believe we are discussing her is the transition from dreaming of what could be to executing tasks in order to make that vision a reality.

Our dream is well established. We hope to be a beacon of hope in our broken society. This may seem a bit lofty but I have seen the potential these communities have. The size of the potential impact is limitless.

We will begin with our workouts and we will always have those at our core. We will absolutely be a place where you are able to shut the world out, turn your mind off and just get a great workout.

And for those who look for more, you’ll see a social network begin to develop in the first few months. There is a bond that forms among those who suffer together, those who choose to get more out of life than what society has passed off as being normal. 

It is time we begin to build this vision through achieving the goals we have set.

So on MONDAY, DECEMBER 15th, we are going to open our doors for FREE 5am & 6am CLASSES for the rest of December! We will also host a FREE 9am class on both Saturday the 20th and the 27th! 

There will be no classes on Thursdays.

About that class size though! Everyone talks about controlling class size and limiting the number of people in a class because of safety and avoiding general chaos and disorder, but rarely do you see an effort made to do something about it. So here is where we are going to start: CLASSES WILL BE LIMITED TO 15 PEOPLE. During the month of December we will be extremely flexible as we are looking to introduce CrossFit to as many people as possible and the workouts will be programmed with all of this in mind. But going forward we will begin to create a culture of signing up for classes and attending what you stated you would be attending. This will contribute to an overall happier atmosphere.

Memberships will be divided between AM and PM Memberships. Over the past 5 years it has become apparent that if you are an early morning person, you only show up in the evenings 1-2x a month on average. And if you are an evening person you may literally never see a 5am class! So with this in mind, there will be memberships available based on your routine. This will prevent us from overselling our evening classes and causing people to not be able to sign up for classes on the busier days of the week. So a limited number of memberships will be sold in each category. This is completely and totally an experiment and I will post more details but we will be fully committed to making it work. Of course, if your routine changes, we will be able to accommodate that change. We just will not stand for the wishy washy types. 

For now all you need to be concerned with is creating a profile and signing an electronic waiver! Go here to begin the process and no, there is no purchase or payment information necessary and NO OBLIGATION TO JOIN! Come try us out and if we are not for you, be on your way! NO HARD FEELINGS!