Countdown To The 5am: #7 It takes a village to change a person

We are another day closer to opening our doors for our first 5 and 6am on Monday, December 15th! These classes will be free for the rest of December and they are open to everyone! You can read more here! 

Yesterday we revealed #8 It's not about fun on our Black Wolf Doctrine, which is worth the read because, as it turns out, it kind of is about the fun, just not the lazy, mediocre kind of fun. And today we talk about #7 It takes a village to change an idiot. 

So why does community matter at all? Planet Fitness doesn't have a community (other than free pizza and bagel lovers who also enjoy ellipticals and not making progress). At 24 Hour Fitness you don't even talk to each other when you are walking in, much less while you are working out! 

Tabata Times wrote up an article on the community that does a good job of explaining why it works well. 

The community is our greatest asset. Our client, our neighbors, our vendors, and, of course, our coaches are who make us and keep us successful. If we do something great, it is because of our community. If we fail in any way, it is because I failed to empower our community to succeed. 

Have you ever tried to quit sodas or smoking or beers or cupcakes or laziness on your own? If you were able to find sustained success then you managed to accomplish something that most of us have found to be nearly unattainable: the solo victory over our challenges. You’ll probably be able to find a unicorn and a leprechaun with a pot of gold! 

But the story reads a bit differently when we are in the midst of a community of like-minded individuals. Suddenly we are well on our way because even when our motivation wanes, the others will continue to pull us along. 

Our lives change thanks, in large part, to others. Sure, we do the work and we make the decisions that lead to the change. But we would be very selfish to suggest we operate on our own without any external influence. Understanding the power of community does not suggest a lack of independence or that you demonstrate shades of weakness. Aristotle states, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and that applies well here. 

If you have a goal of any kind, our community will help you position your self to achieve it. Fitness is certainly the most common but we have seen communities help people achieve career changes, engagements and marriages, not to mention simple improvements in mental health! 

We are all kind of dumb in one or two areas of our lives and understanding that these are not our strengths allows us to put our hope for success on the community instead of us just maintaining the norm, which is sad and pathetic (the norm is, not you). We are desperate for change. Desperate to be better. And our community is united in that same idea. 

Our community dictates our success and dictates the immeasurable impact we have on the world around us! As a gym of individuals we are just a group of mediocrely attractive people getting a good workout. But as a united community we are a force for change, in our own lives and in others who we come into contact with.