Countdown To The 5am: #8 It's not about fun

On December 15th we will be opening our 5 and 6am classes for free CrossFit for the rest of December. In order to lead up to this much anticipated event, we will be revealing the top 8 points of our Black Wolf Doctrine

On this slow Sunday morning, we are 8 days away and the 8th point on our doctrine is simple: It's not about fun... Before we all become to discouraged with the thought of a poorly lit gym where people are not allowed to chat or smile or laugh or giggle, let me explain.

You want to know what “fun” doesn’t get you? Progress. Nobody has ever made significant progress and attributed their success to “just having fun.” “Girls just want to have fun” you say? You mean girls just want to run around and be dumb. Your recent man crush doesn’t want anything serious because he just wants to have fun right now? You mean he still wants to be able to get out their and slut it up a bit more. 

The problem with being motivated simply by fun is that fun is entirely based on your current situation. If I just want to have fun then I am sacrificing any opportunities for growth and change, because growth and change are tough and even painful at times. 

So that means no more fun, right? False. You know what is actually fun? Being awesome. Know how to be awesome? Work your ass off to be as great as you possibly can be! And once you are on the journey you will realize that you are having the time of your life, even when it gets real dark. 

The uneducated and unmotivated are content “having fun” in their current set of circumstances. Those who want more will shut up and do the work. The best illustration that comes to mind is how our classes are run. If your class begins at 5am, you are able to just chat your butt off as much as you want (or as much as you can at 4:50 in the morning), but as soon as that clock turns over, its time to get to work. So an hour of tyrannical rule by the coach right? Wrong. If you put the work in when you are supposed to, you will  find the moments to still talk and catch up, make jokes, laugh and smile. If its time for you to squat, get your mind right. If you are between sets and you are resting, say hi to your partner! 

From Reddit 

This is life. When it is time to work, do the work. We should not be motivated simply by the fun. The fun should be the perk or the extra we happen upon as a result of showing up each day to do the work. And then after a few months of dedicated effort you will realize your fun has increased exponentially because having a fun conversation (or going to a bar or to a party or to the movies or to the museum or writing a book or being with family or going to Disney World ;) or running a marathon or going on a mission trip or probably even doing drugs, although if this is your fun, this isn't the place for you...there's no doctrine point necessary for that statement) is so much better when you are 10 pounds lighter, or your back squat is 50# heavier, or your 5k is 4 minutes faster, or your career is a billion times more meaningful, or your family life is so much closer, or whatever it is that you need/want to work on!