Countdown To The 5am: #6 His/Her 90# Back Squat just might be more impressive than your 315# Front Squat

The wall should be completed by Friday and will be fully on display come Monday at 5am!

We are another day closer to opening up our doors on December 15th! With 6 Days to go, here is number 6 on our Black Wolf Doctrine! 

Let’s be up front about an almost certain fact: none of us are going to the Games as anything other than a volunteer or spectator. Understand? So with this new found realization that you are not the beezneeze, check your ego at the door and let’s put some work in.

Yes, our workouts will be measured and recorded on the white board. And yes, you should absolutely feel some pride swell up (a bit) when you manage to conquer your buddy or the class or the entire gym on that day. But the moment that becomes visible and exceeds a good natured smile or high spirit, you’re done.

You will be cheered on and recognized for your efforts. If you crush a workout, or crush a lift, if you crush my time (which will happen A LOT!), if you do something unfathomable, I will hoot and holler all over the gym (and probably all over social media) about what you just managed to accomplish. But the moment you begin to brag you will never hear me mention a word about it again.

We are all in the effort business and effort is what should be celebrated. So when the mother of 3 who was sedentary as all hell last year manages to press 65# or pull 200#, that just might be the biggest PR we see in months. And even if its not, we sure as hell are going to celebrate like it is in that moment! 


I want to see somebody snatch 315# in this gym. I want to see someone squat 500#. I now want to see a lady clean 305# like @beastitlikebecca did recently. I want to see these great things and I want us to be proud of these things happening in our affiliate. But if that huge lift or performance comes at the cost of having someones ego barely fit in the room, it is not worth it! Simple as that.