The Beginnings

After a few weeks off feeling as though the boredom and lack of direction would lead to my demise, things picked up pace over the past few days. Affiliation, equipment sales, leasing agents and paper work, web design, logo design, and keeping everyone informed have all become top priority at the very same time! 

But at the end of the day, even with all of the excitement that comes with those things, what is still not here is the chance to lead people down the path to better health. Its not as simple as you were once fat and now you are a little less fat, though that is frequently where most of us begin. It is the chance to see confidence grow. It's not your size or shape or color or job or anything else that will get you there or stand in your way. Its all in your head. And when you walk in our doors you will see things that seem unfathomable. But I will tell you, just give it time. There are things you will do. You will run farther without stopping, lift more without struggling and take on more without even thinking! Be patient and know that everyone is on the same journey. We're just at different places. 

The cheesy thing to say is that lives will be changed. And there is certainly truth to that. But that is big picture. If we worry about changing your life then we may miss the little baby victories along the way that are so incredibly gratifying to both you and your coach, as well as the community who will support you at every turn. This is what I look forward to. So the new equipment is great and receiving word that affiliation is official is an incredible feeling. But until the people are here putting in the work to get a little better I will still grow anxious. I will see y'all soon.