DRAFT: Pre-Interview Statement of Expectations and Values

This is a working draft of the information that will be shared with potential coaching candidates prior to their first interview at Black Wolf. The purpose and goal of this statement is to communicate the non-negotiables early to the candidates. This way the candidate will be able to evaluate whether or not he or she agrees or disagrees with the Black Wolf mentality. If they do not, there is no harm done if the candidate no longer pursues the interview. 


The coaching position is such an important position in the community. We will not compromise on our values or the expectations we have for the members of our staff. If you see anything that should be corrected or if you have ideas of how to improve this list, I would greatly appreciate any criticism! 

The indented portions are what will be communicated directly to the coaching candidates. 



We need to ensure a coaches expectations match up with the realistic needs of the business. We must be upfront with what it is we are looking to do.

- You will not be eligible to coach your first class on your own for a minimum of 1 month (with experience) or 2 months (without experience). We will not assign more than 5 classes to you in your first month/s as an eligible head coach. Certain class times are simply not available to a new coach. The Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday classes are considered “showtime classes” and will only be run by experienced and committed coaches. 

We must offer a compensation plan that is beneficial to a dedicated and loyal coach. Starting pay is $20 no matter what. However, the schedule of raises should be published and known. 

- Coaches are paid $20 per class coached. This is the starting pay of all coaches at Black Wolf CrossFit. With experience and increased effectiveness, coaches are eligible to receive raises in pay when certain criterion are met.

-This Pay Raise Structure is for FULL TIME (>8 classes a week)

80 Classes Coached- $5 Increase to $25 an hour (7 Weeks)

280 Classes Coached- $1 Increase to $26 an hour (24 weeks)

480 Classes Coached- $2 Increase to $28 an hour (40 Weeks)

680 Classes Coached- $2 Increase to $30 an hour (57 Weeks)

-Part Time Coaches (<9 classes a week) are eligible for a 5% raise each year.

Establish “Full-Time” criteria and list perks of dedicated full-time coaching. It may be a while before we offer medical, but we could offer better rates on 1-on-1s, paid vacation days, and paid training.

-Full-Time coaches are those who coach an average of more than 8 classes per week each month. 

-Full Time coaches are eligible for a number of benefits:

-Paid Vacation: Vacation days will be accumulated throughout your time at Black Wolf CrossFit. You will receive 1 Paid Vacation day for every 60 classes coached (Head coach only. Assistance hours do not apply). 

-Full Time Coaches are eligible to receive 80% of the 1-on-1 payments the coach is responsible for. 

-Full Time Coaches are eligible to receive assistance in paying for continuing education seminars.

Opportunity/Requirement to create program/projects in order to increase compensation, impact, experience.

-Coaches at Black Wolf CrossFit will be expected to and given the opportunity to create programs that benefit the community and business of Black Wolf as well as give the coach an opportunity to generate more income. Black Wolf CrossFit is not interested in having coaches stay content with a meager number of classes coached at an average rate of pay. 

Standardized Apparel and Appearance Standards

-Men will wear a Black Wolf CrossFit t-shirt (may be asked to wear a Black Wolf Coaches shirt) with black shorts and appropriate athletic footwear. No sandals, slippers, house shoes or any other footwear that does not belong in the gym. NO FIVE FINGERS! Men WILL NOT WEAR tank tops while coaching. Coaches NEVER COACH with their shirt off. Not even the warm up! 

-Women will wear a Black Wolf CrossFit t-shirt or tank top (may be asked to wear a Black Wolf Coaches shirt or tank) with black bottoms and appropriate athletic footwear. Women WILL NOT WEAR spandex shorts while coaching. Spandex pants (yoga pants) are acceptable for coaching. No sandals, slippers, house shoes or any other footwear that does not belong in the gym. NO FIVE FINGERS! Coaches NEVER COACH with their shirt off. Not even the warm up! 

- Coaches will give the appearance of having it together regardless of what time they are coaching. The 5am coach must give the appearance of being awake and having had the time to run a comb or brush through their hair before arriving on site. 

All members of the Black Wolf staff will possess or obtain a working knowledge of nutrition and be able to discuss the foundations of good nutrition and the Paleo approach to nutrition specifically. 

-All members of the Black Wolf staff will be a source of knowledge regarding basic nutrition and and, specifically, the Paleo approach to nutrition. Coaches are not required to adhere to any specific nutritional lifestyle but they will demonstrate professionalism in front of clients and offer nutritional information when asked. 

How do we assimilate a new personaility into the training program and the Black Wolf Community as a whole?

-Regardless of past experience, you must workout with the community 16 times in a class setting. If you are a heavily experienced coach, you may begin the next step after only 8 classes, but you will still be expected to complete the 16 workouts in a timely manner. 

-Once hired, coaches are still expected to workout with the classes 2x a week or 8x a month. It is understood that many coaches are pursuing specific training programs or may have a schedule that does not make them completely available for regularly scheduled classes. Unfortunately a coach who is constantly doing things on his or her own and who fails to take part in the classes becomes less of a community builder than they are expected to be at Black Wolf. 

Mandatory (flexible schedule) monthly meetings with ownership to “fill the room with bubbles.” These may be with other members of the staff and will serve as opportunities to think in and out of the box.

-Coaches are expected to sit down with the owner or manager a minimum of once a month to discuss new ideas or potential solutions to current issues. 

Every member of the staff is a janitor. You may not be responsible for any scrubbing, but general cleanliness is all of our responsibility. 

-Coaches will be held accountable for the cleanliness of the facility during all of their time in the building whether they are coaching or not. The coaching staff is not responsible for scrubbing and deep cleaning, however, they are expected to maintain the professional atmosphere and basic organization and cleanliness of the gym. 

A career development program is available for those interested in Affiliate Management and ownership.

-Coaches who show interest in becoming career managers or affiliate owners will be given the opportunity to obtain the experience, network and skills required to be an effective force in this industry.