Sugar is an Addictive Drug not Unlike Heroin: Why you're not actually a heroin addict!

We are dealing not only with the "supernormally stimulating without adequate nutrition to invoke satiation or satiety" type of foods (such as cookies) (which also means we don't stop at 1 or 2 cookies), but we also have "the release of opioids bring[ing] pleasure and emotional relief...and generally mak[ing] you feel good" (It Starts With Food 2nd Edition p. 35).

This is the stuff addictions are made of. We should not fault a heroin addict for craving that euphoric high. They are not making it up. And in a most basic sense, you should actually be able to relate. 

But if we take this discussion any further, you are likely to dismiss it. Heroin ruins lives, cup cakes don't! So here is where we'll leave it: FOOD IS A DRUG, plain and simple.

And food addiction is just as real as drug addiction or alcoholism. We create unrealistic expectations for what that food is going to do for us. We put it up on a pedestal because it is the only thing that is able to satisfy our cravings or our yearning for something more. In that moment it is all we want and there is nothing that will do the job quite as well.

Here's the good news: FOOD IS THE DRUG THAT ALLOWS US TO BE AS HEALTHY AND AWESOME AS POSSIBLE. A well planned nutritional approach will prevent and even cure sickness, improve performance and make us look and feel beautiful.

I believe that a "Sugar is Heroin" headline pushes people away because if sugar is heroin, we should never ever ever consume sugar, ever! After all, very few people would suggest you are good to go with heroin as long as it is in small doses every once in a while. And we certainly are not expected to never taste sugar again! 

So here is the point: RESPECT YOUR FOOD CHOICES. If you understand what you are dealing with then you ought to be able to "treat yo-self" (Parks and Rec reference anybody?) from time to time without falling deep into the pits of weight gain, reduced performance, and general mediocrity.

Be better and eat well! And if being mediocre does not disgust you then stop visiting this site! K? Thanks! 


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