It's Cold and Wet and Sometimes I want to Quit

This weather has just been tough. Maybe without the rain the temperature would be manageable. After all, it has only briefly dropped below freezing once and by sunrise we were in the high 30s. But the moisture just makes it ugly. It's the sort of rain that confuses your windshield wipers. Not enough water to make/keep the windshield slick but just enough to make it difficult to see.


It is through this that we are looking to forge our community. The blessing is in the adversity. If it were all sunshine and rainbows outside, it wouldn't be such a feat to pull yourself out of bed or keep yourself from driving straight home or to your favorite warm watering hole after work. If it were easy to show up, to get yourself there, then the work may not be as meaningful, the bonds you form may not be as strong.


Your commitment to being better and to making a change is what fuels my desire to deliver a premium service and product. It is clear that I have a responsibility to offer a certain standard of coaching/business to all of the paying clients. But what may be less understood or maybe overlooked is the clients responsibility to the gym, the coach and to other clients. It is your drive that fuels me. It is your drive that creates relationships with others. It is your drive that defines this community. That is what makes us great! 


You have a responsibility to show up when you can, even when you don't feel like it. That does not mean your rest days are gone or that you should never take time off. But your presence is often enough to sniper others. Consistency is key for you to make the progress you are hoping for. It is also important for our community to see your commitment. And your dedication also shows that you want to be invested in. That your coach is not wasting his or her time when they take that extra minute with you.


So when life fails to inspire, when the weather just lulls you into mediocrity, when the easy way seems to be campaigning for your attention, remember a few things:


1) Remember where you started and how far you have come. Remember the strength you've gained and the changes you've made and understand you must continue to move down that path or it will have been for not.


2)Remember where you hope to be or where you wish to get to. This should be exciting. These thoughts should raise your pulse because you are capable of so much!


3) remember that you do not live alone in a vacuum. ON your most selfish, self-serving day, know that the simple act of showing up may be enough to inspire another to begin or remain on their journey.