Put People In A Position To Win: We're hiring!

We are looking to grow our team. The simple of it is, if you are interested in learning the trade and running professional group classes, then send us a note. I'd prefer you also have bigger aspirations for your future. Whether it be to create and run your own program, own your own gym or something completely unrelated, this gym is here to make it all possible.

The world is changing. The misinformation that has clouded and confused our minds is finally being scrutinized. Incredible people and communities and organizations are finally challenging the status quo.

We no longer accept mediocrity. Simply being OK with our circumstances is no longer standard. We were meant to thrive. To conquer the world around us. Everyone deserves more out of life. We are meant to live with passion, with excitement for the day. But the world has become acclimated to a life of sub par standards and expectations. 

We are here to give people what they need in order to achieve success in their lives. Yes, it begins with proper nutrition and consistent movement and activity. But we are not limited to fitness. We build relationships, improve communities and create opportunities.

We are no different than our clients. Our struggles are the same. And we are grateful for those around us who showed us we should not accept our blah, white bread lives. 

But we do begin with CrossFit. It is the best, most effective, most efficient way to bring clarity of information to the masses. You will not be baby-sitting 15-20 people for an hour. You will be putting people in a position to succeed inside and outside of the gym. If this is too big of an idea then this is not for you. And that's ok. Not everybody is ready to be awesome. 

To get an idea of the original vision for the coaches training program, check out this little post from a while back! 


Who: Anyone who is interested in creating opportunities for others through CrossFit. No experience necessary but the right approach and personality are required. Ill take charisma over knowledge. A selfless spirit over expertise. (Yes, you should be able to move well, and your nutrition should be on point. Not perfect, but not in question). 


Hours: A full time CrossFit coach will work 20 hours a week with only 12-15 of those coming from leading classes. Other duties may include cleaning, program maintenance, team meetings and service projects. 


Pay: Coaches receive $25 for leading  a class and $10-$15 for assisting another coach. 



  • Coaches must workout with a class 3x a week unless training for a specific competition (weightlifting).
  • Coaches have access to the gym during non-business hours unless stated otherwise.
  • The team will meet once every two weeks.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in pursuing this opportunity please send me a note at Ben@BlackWolfCF.com!