FIT101 at Black Wolf CrossFit- An indoor boot camp in Lindale Park

On Monday, June 8th, we will be kicking off our FIT101 boot camp program at Black Wolf CrossFit. The purpose of this program is to serve as both a standalone fitness program as well as an introduction to CrossFit. 


As A Boot Camp

Those who are interested in simply joining a boot camp, enjoying simple workouts that get the heart rate up, get them moving, improve their strength and conditioning and make them simply feel better as they go about life will love the FIT101 program. The classes are 45 minutes long and the coach will lead everyone form warm up to cool down. Workouts will be posted on the website the night before and movements will always be simple enough (or modifiable) so that everyone is able to take part. Weights will be used but only very lightly. This program is not intended as a strength program although strength will improve as a result of the improvement in general fitness.


The main focus will be cardio and respiratory fitness. We want you to be able to climb the stairs without being winded. To be able to chase your kids or your grandkids around for more than 30 seconds without needing a break. We are not interested in you lifting 1,000 pounds! 


And, most importantly, the environment will be kept fun and entertaining. We will enjoy the company of others, make workouts upbeat (but still challenging of course) and will celebrate our improvements. There will be no pressure to move on to CrossFit classes. Come be a part of the FIT101 community! 


As An Introduction to CrossFit

CrossFit may be intimidating for some and although I absolutely believe a good coach makes it possible for a beginner to be in the same class as a veteran, an introductory program does help prepare those who are looking to eventually join in on CrossFit. The FIT101 boot camps will cover the same basic/foundational movements that are used in CrossFit. You will learn how to squat properly (which, once you’ve done this, you’ve pretty much cracked the code), press properly, pick things up off of the floor without risking your lower back, and use your hips to generate power.


The workouts will be structured to prepare you for CrossFit within two weeks (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday x2). Once you have completed your two weeks you will have the choice to move on OR you could absolutely stay in FIT101 as long as you’d like. Again, clients who choose to stay in FIT101 will never be pressured to move on to CrossFit. FIT101 is a standalone program and we do expect plenty of people to enjoy it by itself. NO PRESSURE! 


Days: Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays


Class Times: 8:30am and 6:00pm


Length: 45 Minute Classes 


Cost: FREE from Monday, June 8th through Thursday, June 25th

-Once the FREE weeks are over, a 3x a week Membership will be $65 a month while a 2x a week membership will be $50 a month.

-Beginning Monday, June 29th new clients will enjoy a FREE week before deciding whether or not to join (One week of consecutive Monday, Wednesday and Thursday classes).


Questions: Call/Text (713)806-1475 or send me an email at!