Strive To Be Better: Our vision is quite simple

We are not a competitive box. It seems silly to have to make this distinction because we do have athletes who sign up for competitions and many others who Rx and put up times and weight with the best in the larger community. But we are not a competitive box in that we do not specialize in the CrossFit specific athlete whose hopes and dreams are tied to this world. There are plenty of boxes that I will genuinely recommend if your goals line up with a more competitive training method. It’s not what we do. Simple as that.


We are a box for the everyman. You don’t need muscle ups or a body weight snatch to feel comfortable here. You do not need a sub 3:00 Fran time. You don’t need to look like Rich Froning, Brooke Ence or Camille when you take your shirt off. But you do have to have a desire to be better than you were! 


There are two requirements to remain a part of this community: 1) Don’t be negative with anyone and 2) Bring the effort every single day. 


There is no mention about minimum squat numbers or body weight or brand of apparel. It doesn’t matter if strict pull ups seem so ridiculous that you don’t even bother listening to your coach say that someday you could do them too. We are here for the health and wellness of our members and surrounding community and we do that through proper movement as well as solid nutrition. 


But this community was founded on the basis of wanting something more. All of us were somewhere else before we found this gym. And most of us were somewhere that wouldn’t have been too terrible had we decided to stay. However, we chose to move on because there was something better (in one way or another). 


This is not a health club. There are no gold stars for simply arriving, breaking a sweat and then heading home. If you have never done CrossFit before then yes, absolutely, any movement is better than no movement. You survive your first weeks by simply getting through the workout. You are not focused on improvement, you are focused on not dying. So if a weight is a bit low or your time is slow it is still celebrated as being a great accomplishment, as it should be. Adopting CrossFit into your life (and fitness in general) is a huge step that should not be judged too harshly. If you show up and do some work then you have absolutely met the minimum requirement set for you. 


However, after about a month (and everyone’s window is different), it’s no longer enough to get the heart rate up and call it a day. It is now time to set goals and do work. It is time to learn why the movements are executed the way they are. To begin to understand what happens when the elbow isn’t high or the knees collapse in. The greater you further your understanding of your own movement and ability, the greater you become. More than that, the greater impact you will have on those around you and that is what this is all about.


The world is full of people content with a quick sweat. And, guess what?! That’s great! My sister has a friend who told me she just likes to go to her studio gym and do some abs. Know what I told her? “That’s great. As long as you’re moving.” My 61 year old mother, who has been doing CrossFit for over 2 years now, almost choked on her food when she heard me say it. She knows I would never tell her that if she half assed a workout. But that is the difference. Those inside this community will be held to a different standard than those outside of it.


There is no one way to be active and I do believe that it is important for people to find what they will be able to buy into 100%. It is my personal belief that CrossFit, when executed properly and coached well, is the greatest way for people to improve their general fitness and health and wellness all in 1 hour classes 3-5x a week. But if someone is not going to be able to commit to CrossFit or they will always hold back or satisfy too easily, it would be better for them to move on to something else. It’s the same reason this gym does not offer a 2x a week membership. A 2x a week client is (9 times out of 10) a terrible client to have because they are not here enough to learn or adapt. They are perpetually stuck in the beginner phase and that is not inspiring to themselves or anyone around them.


John Welbourn says, “…one of the toughest things to do is create culture. It takes constant focus and unwavering commitment to the vision. It takes just the right people believing in the vision and their undying support to it.” The culture of this gym is dictated by you, the community. I have a vision of what this place will be but that will only come to fruition if the community buys in. To this point 99% have absolutely bought in putting in the time and effort to see improvement. I am grateful for those who stay the course even when things get tough. And I will fervently protect this group. 


This lunch table isn’t exclusive to the “cool kids” in that no one else is welcome. Everyone is welcome to join us but if you don’t commit after a while then it is best if you go sit somewhere else. Make sense?

So, in a (few) word(s), we are all in on self improvement. That means bringing the intensity every single training day. Yes, there will be off days, but your coach will never get on you for a bad day or two. It is the chronic loafer that gets the boot. I offer a full refund of that months membership cost to anyone who is unwilling to try on a daily basis. Your lack of effort is a disease that will spread like a cancer. Your inability to commit, to try, to want to improve will easily rub off on those around you and I am not willing to accept that. We sell results, not workouts. End of story.