The Black Wolf Standards

The intent behind the list below is to make sure we are running Black Wolf as effectively and as professionally as possible. To make sure this happens, we must set into stone general standards for which all of us, athletes and coaches alike, must be held accountable. Again, this is not an attempt to militarize the gym, but to make Black Wolf a better environment for you and your fellow athletes. Please read all six standards in their entirety. 


Black Wolf Gym Standards


Arrive on time. 5 minutes early is better. This gives you time to get your water and bathroom break out of the way before class starts promptly on the hour. It should not be normal for you to arrive on the minute only to use the restroom in the first 10 minutes of class. 

The Why: You and your fellow athletes get a full hour of undivided, uninterrupted attention which means everyone gets to make the very best of their hour in the gym. This also ensures the classes following your hour begin and end on time. If you are late within the first two minutes of class, you will automatically be assigned 20 burpees. If you stroll in greater than two minutes late on the gym clock, you will either be assigned extra work or given a different assignment than the rest of the class and miss out on the first portion of the hour - this is up to the discretion of your coach. 


Check your attitude at the door. There is a difference between a bad day and a bad attitude. It is our job as your leaders to differentiate between the two - a bad day is acceptable but a bad attitude will not be tolerated.  You made the choice to be here, make the best of it. 

The Why: It is our goal to make this place the best hour of your day. We cannot make that happen if our instruction or assignments are met with huffs and puffs and rolled eyes. You also do not improve or get closer to your goals if your mind is not open to the challenge of the hour. We want you to be a little bit better than you were yesterday. In order for that to happen, you must try your best leave all the troubles of your every day life at the door before coming in.


Respect your coaches. When a coach asks for the attention of the class, we ask that you stop what you’re doing and listen. And we ask that while the coach is speaking, your eyes are on them. Please do not continue walking to the back of the room to grab equipment or continue your conversation with your friends. We believe CrossFit is social and we will absolutely give you time for chatting with your friends. Lastly, listen and hear what the coach is saying. Questions are always welcome, but let’s try to avoid repetition in instruction because you’ve checked out mentally. 

The Why: When a coach speaks, its because we have valuable information for you. We’ve been trained and are here to teach you movements and keep you safe. We will guide you through the hour and want every opportunity to make you better.


Respect your gym. You use it, you clean it and put it away. Wipe up your sweat. Disinfect your equipment when you’re done with it. Put your things away - from bands all the way to bikes and rowers. Throw away your trash - from paper towels to plastic water bottles to dog bowls and children’s toys.

The Why: We are not Gold’s Gym or 24 Hour Fitness with professional cleaning services, but we still want to provide a clean, well put together facility for you. It’s a nice feeling to use equipment that has been cleaned and is in good shape. We want you to notice how clean everything is. You deserve these things and you have a hand in making sure that happens. 


Kids and dogs. We love them and welcome them both so long as they are both well behaved. If they are not likely to sit still and quiet, we ask that you find another solution. Dogs and kids should not be on or anywhere near equipment or in the way of the athletes. This means they should not be on the small side of the gym - there is not enough room to safely hold a class with kiddos or puppies in the room. We are working on designating an area for both, but in the meantime, please make sure they are able to sit still and quiet during your hour. Additionally, please make sure you pick up after your kids and dogs. This is not limited to “messes” but also to equipment being moved, cups or other trash being strewn about, or their supplies rolling around everywhere (I am still finding Crayon’s in weird places after someones apparent day of crafts). 

The Why: Safety. Kids do not need to be on any equipment - the rig or otherwise. They could easily get hurt. Puppies do not need to be tied up too close to a barbell. Accidents can happen and we could not live with ourselves if something terrible happened on our watch. 


Sign into class on Front Desk. If you do not know what this is, email and she will get you set up. 

The Why: Knowing who is coming to each class allows the coach to prepare for different ability levels and injuries. It also helps us behind scenes with respect to reporting and trends.