Be Better: We are for the broken

You ought to live life to the fullest. As I will mention again towards the end here, our time on this earth is not long. To be anything less than thrilled with what we are working towards must be seen as something we will change. Society will not help. Society serves to keep us right where we are. Perfectly mediocre and unsatisfied. Not necessarily crushed by our averageness but certainly not happy.

And even worse, family and friends, if not curated (meaning, if you do not consciously choose who you surround yourself based on their positive impact on your life) also work against your hopes and dreams. We have seen this time and time again, especially when our athletes implement new nutrition practices. 

And finally, the effect social media has on our self confidence is incredibly destructive. Someone is always doing better than us. Someone always has succeeded where we struggled so much to just get by. We are left feeling disappointed in ourselves thinking we are not able to achieve the basic levels of success that others seem to reach so effortlessly. 

That ends now and this community was founded and built precisely for this purpose. 

We are for the broken and the discouraged. For those who know that there is more to get out of life then what we currently see. We are for the damaged. For those with the baggage we are not able to rid ourselves of. Maybe it’s a past that lingers. A relationship that ended unexpectedly. Or maybe it’s a life of disappointment that leaves us wondering if it will ever get better. And maybe, just maybe, it’s a life that has not been noticeably awful, but you still live each day unsettled or even unhappy because surely there is something more you could be working towards. 

It starts with me. I am damaged goods. I walk around more imperfect than any of y’all could ever think possible. Character defects abound far more often than virtue and my mind is capable of self sabotage at a Seal Team 6 level of proficiency. The best part is, it has been this way since I was 18. My life is a memoir of unfulfilled potential. I threw away opportunity like I was being awarded points for each toss. 

The reason for this public display of introspection is to simply remind you that I have been there. Wherever you are, I can relate. Some will read this and feel this is either a really awkward display or they will think something along the lines of “I have heard of people like this but I myself have it together.” These people serve to derail us on our journey. Pay them no mind for they themselves are in their own battle. The unfortunate thing is their lack of self awareness puts them at the bottom of the hill. Our willingness to accept our current circumstance puts us at least on a level playing field with our obstacles.  

When you know you have failed to treat yourself well or that you are capable of much more, you are well positioned for change. This by no means suggests the fight will be over quickly (though some battles only require a bit of resolve and suddenly the result you deserve reveals itself quite soon). You are simply taking on these challenges in the most efficient way possible. It’s hard enough to change 20 years of bad habits. You do not need to be fighting those habits while also trudging uphill.  

And the most important characteristic to possess is a willingness to accept responsibility yourself instead of placing the blame on others or on circumstances.  Whether the divorce was their fault, or the business partnership would have succeeded had they been wiser, or your mother raised you on junk food, or nobody told you to be active in your 20s, or the job you have would be great except for your boss or coworkers, or etc. etc.. You are always capable of being better but only if the focus remains on you and not on those other variables.  

Be proud of who you are and where you have come from. Do not feel shame for what you once were or the mistakes you once made. Those decisions and those circumstances are behind you and, even more importantly, they have positioned you to be even greater than you could ever have dreamed to be back then. 

We found each other because like minded individuals gathering together with the same vision is incredibly powerful. What is able to be accomplished increases exponentially with the addition of each new team member.

And for those who have not yet found us, our doors are always open to you. Whether you want to deadlift 500#, squat 400#, clean and jerk 300# and snatch 200#, or you just want to lose 10-100#, or you want to look awesome naked, or you want to build confidence in yourself, or any number of other personal goals, we are the place to get it done. We have one life to live. And as we age life moves faster. Make these the best years of your life. Do not wait.