FIT101: Boot Camp in Lindale Park Begins 12/5

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Fit101 is our version of boot camp and it will absolutely put you on the path to see the results you have been looking for. Unlike other boot camps, you will be led by coaches who have led 100s of CrossFit classes helping people just like you lose weight, gain muscle, conquer goals, overcome obstacles (inside and outside of the gym), and form relationships. With the guidance of our team and workouts that you will actually find entertaining, you will find yourself excited to work out. 

Beginning on December 5th you will be put through 45 minute classes that emphasize proper movement, hard work, and new challenges. Unlike CrossFit there will be NO technical movements. That simply means you will not have to spend 20 minutes learning something before you are able to do it. Everything will be simple enough for you to take it on after just a brief introduction. 

These classes will be limited to just 15 people in order to keep the quality high. You will not be lost in the crowd and your coaches will have no problem watching you to make sure you are moving safely and working hard! And the classes are under a roof so you no longer have to worry about your boot camp being rained out. Now, we are not fancy. If it is cold outside then it will be cold inside. Same for heat. But you will not be in the rain and that's nice. 

Outside of the workouts we will work with you to set goals (both physical or workout goals as well as goals in your personal life), and we will discuss nutrition quite often (nutrition is the key to your success regardless of what you are working towards). We will also host socials for both our Fit101 and our CrossFit program to have fun together outside of the gym. This is so much more than just a workout and that is what you will see the moment you walk in our doors. 

Located in the heart of Houston's beautiful Lindale Park neighborhood, we are accessible from I-45, the 610 loop, and the Hardy Toll Road which merges with 610 just a few blocks away. 59 is also just a stones throw around the corner. Basically, we are accessible to you! So swing by and try out a class or two! 

These classes begin on December 5th. They will be free from the 5th through the 17th. Once the free trial is over you will be able to join for just $75 IF you join before January 1st. After the 1st the price will move up to $95. And this is an unlimited membership. Attend as many classes each week as possible. Any Fit101 class on the schedule is open to you. 

And for those interested in CrossFit but uncertain about the intensity or the technical movements, Fit101 is an excellent starting point. Fit101 IS NOT CrossFit but it will absolutely position you to jump into CrossFit after just 1 month if you would like. 

Do not hesitate to ask questions. If you have a question that would help others then post it here in the comments. If it is more personal then send me an email at

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