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Brian, Kelli, Wendy, and Myself after running 50 Miles through Hells Hills in April

Brian, Kelli, Wendy, and Myself after running 50 Miles through Hells Hills in April

2016 has been the year of running for me. After doing some soul searching after both a personal breakup as well as a business break up in 2014/2015, I naively set a goal to first run a marathon and then, as if that were not enough, decided to run 100 miles. At the time of the first decision at least, I had no idea who I would do this with and I guess I thought I would be able to scrape by on my own. Thankfully I happened to be surrounded by people who thought this was an awesome idea.

Prior to September of last year I did not run. Like maybe 400’s or an occasional 800 but only if it was required by the CrossFit workout I was doing that day. In my mind running did not line up with my goals. It did not make sense for me to allot time to it because I simply was not interested in increasing my aerobic capacity as it pertained to running. This surely would not help with strength, and, according to widely accepted lore, it would actually make me weaker. 

Well the short of it is that this is all wrong. Distance running, especially with a degree of intensity, is an excellent supplement to any training program, and a superb test of fitness in general. I believe we all should have a goal to run a 10k or a half marathon at least once each year. If someone threw down a 6 mile challenge your only concern should be whether or not you would PR. 

Before the Seabrook 1/2 Marathon. We ran the marathon the next day.... because thats fun.

As I near the date of final judgement, August 27th when I will take on the Lean Horse 100 Miler in South Dakota, I grow more and more convinced that I must encourage those in my life to embark on a similar journey. 

Are you able to run a 5k (3.2 Miles)? What about a 10k? Dare to take on a 1/2 or a full? Have any of these ever crossed your mind? Maybe you quickly move passed the desire because you did not know how to get it done alone. Maybe the distances simply seem too daunting because of your body weight, or your fitness level or your overall health status. 

There is a better way than running miles every single day and certainly a better way than taking all of this on yourself. To the first point, when I first settled on this endeavor there were 6 or so of us who were going to run the Houston Marathon. 3 of us continue with CrossFit while the other 3 suspended their membership in order to focus solely on running. And on January 17th when we walked into our starting corrals in downtown Houston, only the 3 who continue with CrossFit arrived to complete the race. The other three had fallen out due to injury. Interesting, right? 

Some of the support crew at Hells Hills because #ItsBetterTogether 

Some of the support crew at Hells Hills because #ItsBetterTogether 

Overuse injuries are a very common occurrence when running is done simply for runnings sake. Balancing running with a well rounded strength and conditioning routine not only cuts down on the mileage necessary to achieve your goals, but it also keeps your muscles, tendons and ligaments healthy and strong. 

Wendy Berthiaume and myself would like to offer the pathway that will lead you to your goal distance. Wendy has been instrumental in my progression and survival in the running game over the passed year and she has a passion for pulling people through races. She has quite a bit of experience both as a trained and untrained athlete (She ran 100 miles without any real prep for such an audacious feat. She suffered the consequences but she got it done!). 

Just across the finish line of the Chevron Houston Marathon this year.

Just across the finish line of the Chevron Houston Marathon this year.

We will publish the distances that need to be done and the days by which they should be completed. We will offer weekend mornings where we will meet at Memorial Park and accomplish the runs TOGETHER. We will create mobility as well as CrossFit training plans. And we will celebrate along the way together. 

Here is the goal racing schedule. This is subject to change, but regardless of where you are starting from, all of these distances are attainable in this timeframe:

  • 5k (3.1 Miles)- Turkey Trot November 24th
  • 10k (6.2 Miles)- Turkey Trot November 24th
  • 1/2 Marathon (13.1 Miles)- Santa Hustle on December 18th at 8am
  • Full Marathon (26.2 Miles)- Chevron Houston Marathon on January 15th

If this is something that interests you then be sure to come by this Sunday (July 31st) at 10am to have a little townhall with Wendy and me. 

#ItsBetterTogether #Conquer #DoTheImpossible