You Are The Why

With 2 talented coaches let go or not pursued in just under 1 month I want to offer a little insight into the why. You are the most important thing in my life. I wake everyday and dwell on how to take care of, improve, protect, or support you. All of your needs and wants differ by degree, but they are more similar than you might expect. One common thread is your need for more than just a coach. The 99% need and want more than someone who is able to easily explain a movement or able to countdown the clock, say go, and take down your time all while looking good or being a good athlete themselves. 

I will not knowingly compromise the integrity of my team in order to fill an hour with another coach so the responsibility is off of my shoulders. I will not take the easy route and bring someone in who does not dream about making your life better or helping you conquer your goals (or demons). The world has to much to offer you in the way of obstacles and discouragement. And the fitness world offers much of the same for you because there is so much unknown and so much to be intimidated by. Without our team serving as the guide and as the steady hand in your journey many may fade back into their current circumstance never standing a chance in the fight to improve their health, their relationships, their well being, their life. 

If these are lofty topics seemingly unrelated to a simple CrossFit business then you do not and never have understood why I am in this business. If you thought your muscle up was why I lived in the gym for without air conditioning while bathing in a bucket, or why I battled depression for the 3 months earlier this year, or why I refused to let this business disappear when the wise choice might have been to just close the doors due to financial shortfalls, then you are wildly misled. I want nothing more than for our super awesome athletes to be able to do "Amanda" unbroken someday (google it) or to turn in a sub 3:00 "Fran" (google Camille's "Fran" if you haven't already). But that's just icing on a very, very, very tall layer cake rich with the flavor of meaning and change and realization and empowerment. 

I wake up each day ready to take another step because Alma ran a 400 all the way for the first time or because Diana not only ran 1 mile at the beginning of "Murph" but then ran the second mile too after being told by her coach (me) that 800m was probably a good idea. I do this because Victor has already lost literally a million pounds but can literally achieve his dreams with the right people around him. Or because Wendy always had the heart and the spirit and the athletic ability to be the most badass 40 year old you've ever met, she just needed the right environment. And the 99% of you have stories just like theirs. That's who you are and that's why you are more important to me than anything else in this world. 

I swear to you that we who stand before you at the beginning of each class have your best interest at heart regardless of our experience level. We want you to succeed inside and outside of the class. Knowledge is attainable and experience comes with time, but compassion, empathy, and drive are innate and you either have these characteristics or you do not. Joel and Nikolle exhibit these traits daily and they have been instrumental in the wild growth and improvement we have seen since the end of May. 

You are my why (read Simon Sinek's Start With Why if you get the chance) and you always will be. Thank you for being a part of this. We are onto something and it is exciting to see where we will end up.