The Black Wolf Lifestyle Throwdown

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We are always looking to take the next step. We are not here to pursue mediocrity and we are not here to just be a bit better than society (take a look at your Facebook Newsfeed right now…we need to be quite a bit better than that). We are here to take a few steps each day towards becoming better and seeing where we end up at the end of each month, year decade. The possibiltles are pretty incredible and because of this community, we absolutely are in a position to get there.

The Black Wolf Lifestyle Throwdown will create an environment of change that allows us to take on the efforts we have always thought might be wise but maybe did not have the support system or the plan to implement ourselves. 

We will kick this all off with two presentations on Saturday, September 24th at 9:15am (the Basic Nutrition Presentation) and 10:15am (the Next Level Presentation). Read the details of whats to come below. 

Statement of Purpose:  To improve our body composition, health and wellness, performance, energy levels, and overall well being through nutrition, lifestyle changes, and workouts. 


Duration: 5 Weeks (Monday, September 26th- Friday, October 28th)



Level 1 ($25): For those who are new to our nutrition program and for those who are not in a position to take on measuring food. Though not as detailed, this will still get you results. 

Level 2 ($50): For those who have been through a nutrition challenge or two, those who are ready to conquer real goals and make tangible, awesome progress. 


Focus Points:

— To make food choices based on our body & minds needs instead of wants

— To challenge & possibly reset our psychological ties to food

— To increase energy levels through improved nutrition and consistent workouts

— To lose fat by decreasing the factors that lead to the body’s “storage” response

—To increase muscle mass through adequate caloric intake and macro ratios

— To improve stress management by changing brain chemistry increasing our clarity of thought and utilizing necessary tactics

— To lead the life we are meant to lead 



1) Before and After Photos, Measurements, and Weigh-In

2) Maintain your Food Diary on the My Fitness Pal App (This can also be a paper food log if preferred)

3) Personally Assigned Coaches

4)Accountability Team of Other Athletes on the Same Mission as You

5) Weekly Food Log Feedback

6) Twice Weekly Check Ins from Your Coach

7) Friday Night Potlucks at the Gym (Week 1, 3 and 5. Open to Everyone. Plus Spikeball Tournaments)

8) Midpoint Saturday Throwdown Workout and Brunch

9) End of Throwdown Celebration w/ Awards



  • Supplement with Vitamin D and Magnesium
  • Pick a book to read (Does not have to be super lengthy or impressive)
  • Average more than 3 workouts per week 
  • Volunteer once during the 33 day period of time

Reserve your spot here! We will post more as the kick off approaches so be sure to check back here and follow us on Facebook and on Instagram