Lifestyle Throwdown: #SoberOctober

[This is a touchy subject to some so let me be upfront: ME NOT DRINKING DOES NOT MEAN YOU MUST QUIT DRINKING AS WELL. So relax and read this with an open mind. This is about improving your life. Alcohol is not a problem for everyone. It was a problem for me and now its gone. So unless alcohol has proven to be a struggle for you, in which case you need to email me at right now, you should be seeing this as a tool to use to improve your life.]


For five years now I have been able to live life without alcohol. I ran into some trouble in my college years, spent a few nights in jail here or there, threw away a career as an officer in the military (had not been commissioned yet but was 2 weeks from my commissioning date), and ultimately lost anything and everything else that I had theoretically worked to achieve during that time. Thanks to amazing people, the court system (one of the very few things I am please with as a result of my time dealing with the courts), and ultimately God, I find myself with a little bit of sobriety. 


For 21 days in October, during the Black Wolf Lifestyle Throwdown 5 Week Challenge, we will be going completely alcohol free. #SoberOctober. Now, let me encourage you to complete the entire challenge without drinking but I understand that we must set attainable goals and thinking of 5 weeks is more intimidating than just 3. 



-Improve your health: Alcohol does us little good when it comes to our nutrition. Yes, go ahead and forward me the article where the glass of wine a night is shown to cure cancer. But be sure you go ahead and place the THREE BOTTLES you drank last night in the recycling bin so I am not able to see them. When it comes to challenging yourself through improving your nutrition, alcohol should be seen as some low hanging fruit (easy change to make with a big pay off). 

Our systems processing of excess alcohol is not great for us, the nutrients offered are poor and mainly non-existent, and the place it puts us in often encourages consumption of other not great food choices (nobody craves a spinach salad after a night of drinking). 

-Improve your Body: 30 days after I quite drinking people thought I had completely rearranged my diet. I had not done a thing except cut the alcohol out. Fat came off, my skin improved along with my energy levels, and I was more and more pleased with how things looked when I stepped out of the shower in front of that mirror. If you have serious weightless goals or simply want to lean out, alcohol must be gone. You will be so happy with how things look once it is! 

-Improve your Life: Alcohol has become a crutch of societal interaction and lifestyle management. There are far too many of us who kill a 6 or 12 pack of beer on Friday night simply because it is Friday night. There is too much wine being consumed during the week because “it was just one of those days” over and over again. And there are too many groups of friends who only have alcohol to bring them together. 

1) If your job results in you drinking to deal with (more like not deal with) the stress of the day or the week then you need to make a change. This is a scary proposition but if you look at the big picture, your plan is to live a life you are not able to process without drinking for the next 40 years? Be better and make the jump. 

2) If the people in your life are unable to fathom spending time with you without having a drink then what are we even talking about here? I bet they are real supportive of your meal prep and baked chicken and roasted vegetables too. You don’t need that type of negativity in your life. They should either get on board or be gone. We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Go ahead and make a note of who those 5 probably are and then think of whether they are leading lives you care to emulate or be like. 


So with all of that being said, take on this challenge. If you are rationalizing why none of this applies to you then I will not stand here and say you are wrong but I will suggest you see how things turn out during and after 21 days without it. After all, if you have it all figured out then 3 weeks of no drinking could only either find you in the same place or maybe, just maybe, inn a slightly better place. Take on this challenge no matter how it may seem to you. I promise you will be happy with where you end up. 

Read more about The Black Wolf Lifestyle Throwdown 5 Week Nutrition Challenge here. And if you feel like alcohol is more than a societal struggle for you please do not hesitate to send me a message at