Where Are Your Hopes And Dreams?

Why are you not who you hope to be? What is standing in your way? And when was the last time you took a step toward being that awesome person?


Now this is not to say you are not operating some level of badassery. It is a simple thought exercise to assess how much potential badassery is being left on the table. 


Dreaming and setting goals is a lost practice. We are almost shamed for speaking out loud any sort of objective that surpasses the norm. Overtime we not only forget how to dream big but we also forget that change is possible. We settle into the day to day of life with thought being paid to finding hope for betterment (much less actually seeking to be better). 


Right off the bat I have challenge for you: Dream Bigger. Write down two or three dreams that you might have (I say might because most people are uncertain of what a dream even is anymore). And if more come to you then write them down as well. This is one of my favorite writing prompts when I am at the end of an overwhelming period of time or when I just am not able to get good stuff down on paper. It should be fun to dream. Your heart rate should speed up a bit just at the thought of what could be. 


Assume that no one will see this list. We are conditioned to rationalize our mediocrity to ourselves for a number of reasons but a main one is the fear of judgment by others. So for now this is just between you and your notepad (I really truly encourage you to use a pen and paper but obviously a fancy technological device will suffice).


What is the purpose of this challenge? If you are not able to even identify the things in life that excite you then how in the world will I, or anyone else for that matter, ever be able to show you just how possible your being better is? I want you to start with “what could come to be one day in the future” and we will reverse engineer it from there (“Start with the moon.” -Gary V).


I want you to know you are able to lose the weight, or run the marathon, or find that true calling, or find a better partner, or write that first novel. But if you have spent years or even decades beating those aspirations down then it all comes back to making it fun again. So your notepad is a game. Jot down ideas of what could be your dreams. AS you relax you will dream bigger and bigger. And after a few different lists are made over the weeks you will see which ideas seem to resonate most with you (and they will likely evolve from the first time it hit the paper to the most recent time you wrote it down).