The Black Wolf Hasty In-House Comp For Dumbbells




It’s Not About The Money, Money, Money, But It Sort Of Is

As you may know, Dave Castor and the staff at the CrossFit Games have announced this years Open will have at least one workout that will utilize a pair of dumbbells (50# and 35# for Rx Men and Women, and 25# and 10# for Scaled Men and Women). That means we have to go shopping. Unfortunately we did not magically grow a money tree in the back of the warehouse. 

Instead of missing the chance to fully take part in the Open we want to get a hasty in-house competition going to raise a little bit of the needed cash. And, since the opportunity has revealed itself, we want to also raise some money for an amazing cause (read more about the Preemptive Love Coalition below). 

On Saturday, February 18th, we will be running a fundraiser event at Black Wolf CrossFit. Now, this is designed to be a fun, in-house style competition with 3 events for Rx and Scaled Individuals. 

The standards of movement will be basic so it is likely you will only need a rep counter in your lane (we will count for each other), with the team of coaching walking around monitoring range of motion and other fun things. That means your time will be official and your reps will be counted, but there will not be official judges. 

Although this is in-house, we will have a podium, and we will have prizes. But they will be more about emotional value than monetary value. So do it for the fun of it and not for the prize (although the glory might work too since we will blast it all over social media). 

Here are the workouts (I do reserve the right to change these):

The Odd Load

5 RFT w/ 15:00 Cut Off

10 Over the Sand Bag Burpees 

15 Yard Bear Crawl Sand Bag Drag (50#/35#) (SCALED: 35#/20#)

Sand Bag Sprint (Length of building ~120 ft) Down & Back to Starting Box


The Gut Check

6 Rounds of 

2:00 To Complete 

5 Deadlifts (HAP)

12/9 Cal Bike (SCALED: 8/6)

*Score is total amount of weight lifted in successfully completed rounds. Athletes are able to add weight each round if they are feeling good but they must complete the bike (have their number on the screen) at the 2:00 mark of each round. 


The Basic

2 Rounds of

Every 4:00

500m Row

ME Toes to Bar (SCALED: Straight Leg Sit Ups)

*Score is total number of toes to bar or straight leg sit ups completed


It is just $30 to participate with an option to donate more. We will have a collection taken at the event to raise more money on site and all retail sales in February are helping with this as well. 

Our goal is to raise at least $500 which would cover a few sets of the required dumbbells. 

For every dollar above $250 (this gets us a minimum order of dumbbells that would suffice) that is raised we will be donating 50 cents to The Preemptive Love Coalition. This amazing organization is dedicated to “confronting fear with acts of love.” From children’s heart surgeries to helping families torn apart by ISIS, this is an incredible group of people on a noble mission. Read more about them here!

So let’s come together and have some fun and, in turn, raise some money for new toys and changing the world at the same time! 


If you have any questions, please email me at This is for everyone!