Black Wolf Racing: The 2016 Season

Our Running Season runs from the Spring through January of the next year, culminating with the Chevron Houston Marathon (and 1/2 and 5k, duh). 

Black Wolf Racing is just $10 per month for our athletes and only $20 per month for non-members. In season, the racing team meets once during the week for speed work and once on the weekend for longer run training. All ability levels are welcome. When we began this we had plenty of men and women who were not running more than 1 mile at a time (max). In reality it was probably close to 800m of slow running and 800m of walking. They worked hard and progressed to their first 5k. 

On the other end, we have seasoned runners who are looking to break their old PRs. We have sub 2 hour half marathoners, and 4 hour capable marathoners. THIS IS FOR EVERYONE! 


The First Official Black Wolf Racing Event was the Running of the Bulls 5k at NRG Stadium. This was the first 5k for quite a few of our athletes and they were awesome! 

Running of the Bulls 5k (10/9)

Teresa Castillo

Arely Lopez

Monica Gurrola    34:42

Deanna Colchado 

Jessica Sevilla

2016 Houston Half Marathon (10/30)

Amanda O’Neil        2:06:06

Nikolle Setley          2:01:00* FIRST HALF MARATHON

Wendy B                  2:03:31

TXU Energy Turkey Trot 10k (11/24)

Teresa Castillo    1:13:02

Diana Castillo           * FIRST 10K

Arely Lopez              * FIRST 10K

Monica Gurrola    1:12:02

Amy Aragon       1:14:00

Santa Hustle Galveston 1/2 Marathon (12/18)

Teresa Castillo    2:43:19* FIRST HALF MARATHON

Diana Castillo          * FIRST HALF MARATHON

Arely Lopez        3:27:00* FIRST HALF MARATHON

Dalila Lopez        2:11:32* FIRST HALF MARATHON


Chevron Houston Marathon

Dalila Lopez        4:37:22* FIRST FULL MARATHON

Amanda O’Neil    4:47:00* Marathon PR

Wendy B              4:20:38* Marathon PR