Don't Be Disappointing: Character matters


What is character? I remember reading Calvin and Hobbes as a kid and one of the common jokes was Calvin’s dad telling Calvin to do things and when Calvin would protest asking “why,” his father would simply respond by saying “it builds character.” So character is what you are made of. Your tendencies and habits. Are you a little shit or do you have integrity? Simple as that really. 



I have bad days. I have real bad days. Most of my bad days are the result of my own doing meaning something occurred to spark a mood, but I dive headlong into it because irrationality is able to consume me like a fire at times. When I am having a bad day, I am not awesome. I am not proud, And I am not justified (It is important we all understand that. I am not in the right at all when I am irrational). BUT I am also not defined by these occasional bad days. Bad days happen. They happen frequently in some seasons of life, and rarely in other seasons. 

Your bad days do not define you either. And I do not hold bad days against you. Even my kindest, sweetest, most enthusiastic athletes have come in disengaged from time to time over the years. That is not in anyway a reflection of their character. That is simply a reflection of the circumstances of their day or maybe their week. 



Unfortunately, as with all communities of people, there are a few disappointing people among us. People who are blatantly disrespectful to our team of coaches (refusing to listen, not following simple instruction, unable to execute without adding their two cents), are inconsiderate of other athletes (slowing the pace of class, bringing down the energy, prioritizing their agenda at the expense of others experience), and are quite frankly just really, really unenjoyable. 

Fortunately, they always end up leaving, whether on their own because our athletes do not warm up to such entitlement, or because we “suggest” they would be happier elsewhere. Sometimes it takes me a while to finally have the conversation, other times it happens almost right off the bat. But at the end of the day, this place excels because we cut the fat. 

We run lean. For example, we have just 3 coaches because we have not found the right team members to join us. Sure, we have worked with others over the years. And yes, life would absolutely be “easier” if we had another coach or two to help carry the load. But knowing that this 3 member team absolutely has our athletes’ best interest at heart brings me more peace and happiness than any amount of time off ever could. 



Nikolle and I have been observing what seems to be an increase in selfishness (or maybe thoughtlessness) in others as we go through our days. Not using blinkers, cutting people off, leaving grocery carts in the middle of parking lots, not caring for their dog, leaving trash out (or worse, intentionally littering). All of this has gnawed at us over the last two weeks or so. Maybe we are just more aware, more in tune because of goings on in our business life. It has brought something into focus: 

There is no place for bad character.

At the end of the day, this is all up to you. Whether you operate inside yourself or outside of yourself is a personal choice and one you are allowed to make no matter which way you go. But it is my choice whether or not me and my team associate with you. There is no amount of attractiveness, athletic ability, or daddy’s money that will create a place here for you if you are entitled and selfish. 

Be grateful for your coaches. Be grateful for the gym and the workouts. And be grateful for those that train alongside you. If you are not able to act with a requisite level of gratitude then I will be happy to suggest one of the number of gyms that are within a mile or two from here where that sort of personality would be a better fit.

Take care of others. Take care of yourself. Be awesome. I love you guys.