Thoughts On Accountability & A Fun May Activity For Y'all

The Difference at Black Wolf: Accountability

Ask the athletes who have been with me for a while: when they disappear for a day or two, I am generally on the trail before the week is out. They can expect an email or a text message checking in to make sure they haven’t actually fallen off the face of the earth (or, more seriously, that something is not wrong or a crisis has not impacted their life). 

Why? Because the most valuable thing I am able to offer you is my team’s willingness to keep you accountable. I once had a partner who said the best client we could have is the client who pays and never shows up.  He is not alone. Entire businesses are built upon the fact that you probably will not show up to use what you are paying for (Do you think the big globo gym down the street cares that you have not been in there for the last 6 months even though you are only halfway through your year long contract?). 

We have 130 athletes in our midst right now. And yes, we hope to grow a bit, but not by much. Why? Because when we reach our saturation point (~175 athletes between our CrossFit and Fitness programs), we will be thriving in terms of the business but still able to keep in touch with each and every one of you. That is a part of our mission and the connection we try to create with each athlete is a significant portion of our training as coaches when we join this team. 

Working out can be done alone. Changing your diet can be done alone. Living an active life can be done alone. Confronting mental health concerns can be done alone. Dealing with your pre-diabetic condition can be done alone. Running your first marathon can be done alone. Snatching above your body weight can be done alone.

But none of those SHOULD BE done alone. In fact, one of our favorite sayings is, “Never Alone.” We are social creatures. We benefit from contact (social and physical) with others, and we absolutely increase the chances of success, of improvement, of finding happiness, when we involve other driven people into our lives. On top of that, finding the right path is a daunting task. When you find a coach you find someone who has already guided people down many, many different paths. That means you get to skip all of the trial and error you are destined to deal with when you attempt change by yourself. 

My purpose in this life is to help you. Give me the chance to do just that. And if you are unsure of what consistency can deliver to you, check out our athlete spotlight section here



Beginning Monday, May 1st, every athlete who has a membership in both our CrossFit and our Fitness program will play a little game. We will be tracking AND POSTING the attendance records of our athletes. We will set goals, create categories (don’t go missing and end up on the “Milk Carton” list), and reward consistency. The athlete in both programs who attends the most classes will receive a big prize. And those who maintain an admirable level of classes per week will all receive a prize as well. So this is for everyone. Whether you have had a difficult time staying consistent or maybe you’ve fallen off recently and have had a hard time getting back into the swing of things, here is your chance. 


Most Classes Attended in May

Averaged 5 classes per week in May

Averaged 3+ Classes Per Week in May

No Prizes for Averaging 3 Classes per Week BUT you don’t end up on the….

 The Milk Carton is for those who manage to only get in here 2 classes or less per week


Ride the wave of enthusiasm of the other athletes and have fun with your fitness again. We want our athletes here everyday they are able to get in. We want to continue to push you toward progress and that is very challenging when you aren’t here! So get your mind right and get committed. The challenge starts Monday!