Your Life’s Work Is Not Lost Overnight

Rant: Your Life’s Work Does Is Not Lost Overnight

We know that we are programmed to desire instant gratification in most things we do. We believe one trip to the gym warrants an Instagram Story bragging (no, not you, right?) about our gains and our grind and our dedication. 


Never mind the fact that we were incredibly inefficient with our time and after that one set of squats with all of those plates we were done (because one set is all you need, right?). Or we came, we lifted poorly, we videoed every attempt, and we spent more time setting up our camera angle than we did warming up the movement pattern or reminding ourselves of our common errors and the appropriate cues to remedy them. 


I know these are gym references but I can step outside for a second too. You ate a salad for lunch or had a kale smoothie. You’re healthy AF right?


You Insta-Story (or snapchat or Facebook whatever they call it) your really attractive face from two feet away (your arms are not long enough hunny) because surely the world needs to celebrate your beauty, or your super casual lifestyle that you can obviously afford based on your posted pics and videos. 


Never mind the crippling debt you are under, the work that you do not focus on, and the pay that you do not earn. 


The point here is that we are conditioned to believe that achievements should be accomplished in minutes, hours or days. Not months, years, or decades. 


So how about that body of yours. Our average athlete that takes part in our nutrition challenges tends to be 30 years old and 10-20# over their ideal/healthy body weight. More often than not they have either never focused on their nutrition or they have not since back in high school or college but fell off when they graduated or got married or had kids. 


Now, understand me here, all of those things are completely understandable. I do not believe you should bury yourself in guilt for putting on some weight over the years. Especially since as we age our responsibilities stack up, our friends become less motivated, and our purpose often comes into question. 


But the point is to have perspective. If you have worked (passively) to maintain your not so awesome physique by not caring about what you consume or not maintaining discipline when you try to and you did this for years (often decades) then you cannot expect to have that 6 pack or dress size you had when you were 16 in just a few days or weeks. 


And it’s not your fault that you have these wild ideas. There are plenty of companies that tell you that it just takes 28 days of supplements and shakes to get you where you “deserve” to be. Well, how’s that going? There are now clinics that will “melt” your fat away.” Yeah, I really can’t even. 


The men and women you look at who have conquered what you hope to conquer did not do it in a matter of days. They did not do it while obsessing over social media. And they did not do it by worrying about short cuts and hacks. 


The people you look to for inspiration put in the work. And the work was hard. It was not glamorous. More often than not people were not there to cheer them on. The real progress was made in the darkness. The choices that nobody would ever hear about are usually the choices that make us the most progress. No snapchat. No Instagram. No cleanses. No magic. 


And the very worst part? They learned. They educated themselves. They tried to understand the processes that were required because they knew that even once they achieved their goal, they would still be on the journey. And if they were dependent on a short cut or a person or magic, then they would eventually fail and end up back where they started if not farther down the ladder. 


So you have a decision to make. In life sure, but for this specifically, in terms of your body composition. Do you want to truly learn what is required and how to execute? Do you want to be shown the path to success?


Or do you want to keep Insta-snapping your bullshit and sitting in your dark room pretending you’re happy that 200 strangers saw it? 


There is no substitute for doing the work. That is what our nutrition approach is based on and we have seen those who do that work become happier than they ever were before. There his hope for health and wellness again. There is confidence in how they look and how they feel. And when they stumble back into a period of poor food choices they still have hope because THEY KNOW HOW TO GET BACK ON TRACK. 


I want you to love the process. To enjoy the work. To celebrate the journey. Stop oversharing. Stop obsessing. Turn your phones off. Take a long look in the mirror and demand more of yourself. Then get in here and trust the process. It is not fast. It is not glamorous. But you sure as hell will be at the end of it. 


And the best part is, you’ll be side by side with other people that want the same thing you do. They are going to stumble just like you. But often they stumble when you are strong and you help them. Then when you stumble they are strong so they are able to help you. And, of course, your coaches are always there. 


Live in the company of the motivated. 


The 5 Week Team Nutrition Challenge begins Monday. Are you in?


[Side note: the reason this is so important to me is because I have fallen prey to all of this myself over the years. You are not alone. You are never alone. I truly believe social media is ruining us. It is impacting our psychology. It makes us question our worthiness. YOU ARE WORTHY. DO NOT QUESTION THAT.]