The World Wants To See You Fail

The world wants to see you fail…

I do believe that but most of us do not operate at such extremes so allow me to clarify.


Most people in your life find some sort of joy in your struggle. I said most, not all. And this is also dependent upon who you surround yourself with.


Parents secretly do not want you to succeed more than you. Your best friend is really actually a frenemy. And your coworkers are just the worst type of person. Sound familiar?


If you disagree then either you have truly done the work to surround yourself with like minded individuals OR, more likely, you are simply not doing enough in your lift to upset the status quo. When you are mediocre as all hell, the world is your best friend. Rock the boat a little and watch the criticism roll in.


This leads us to the upcoming nutrition challenge. Haven’t been criticized lately? Wait until you have to eat a vegetable on your lunch break. A VEGETABLE WILL UPSET YOUR COWORKERS! That’s insane! Better yet, wait until you don’t order a drink at the bar. You had might as well just end that friendship. You will watch their brain stop working. They will be unable to process the thought that you could possibly enjoy a Friday night without alcohol.


We run 3 to 4 nutrition challenges each year. And each challenge brings more heart breaking stories where our amazing athletes are criticized, berated, or outright ignored because they decided to try and improve their food choices for 5 weeks. One of my favorite athletes ever worked in an office and during lunch the office would often have tacos available. Day after day coworkers would hassle this person with the hope of getting him to eat the tacos. No matter how many times he said no, they continued.


I had another athlete, an amazing woman, who had coworkers who would not only try to tempt her into eating poor choices in food, but they would leave the food sitting in front of her and leave as if to say that they would never tell.


Why are we accepting this from our “friends” and our family?


The reason we are willing to accept this behavior is the same reason we have not quite gotten on track with living our best life. And it is a legitimate reason. We fear displeasing those around us. We fear being alone. If I have to maintain my poor lifestyle in order to have friends, as crazy as it sounds, I will do just that. Even if we do not actively pursue this low level of life, passive living often leads us straight to it.


But those who have come before us, who we look up to, who we truly admire, they did not care about the opinion of the average. Hard work requires sacrifice. It requires separation from the mediocre, the deadbeats, the unproductive.


The change you seek requires commitment. Commitment is what society is not willing to embrace. Life is meant to be comfortable (false). Red and puffy is an acceptable way to live (false) and being incredibly unhappy with ourselves is the norm (false).


We must make the decision to rise above the norm. Cut out the unsupportive friends. Quit engaging with unsupportive family (if they don’t care about you then they are not family. And I truly, truly, truly do not care if she is your mother or he is your brother. Family is family because they care. Not because of blood. Quit falling back on that blood argument. Your family is made up of those who want the best for you plain and simple).


We will feel one thousand pounds lighter when we cut those 2 or 3 people out of our lives and we will then be ready to get back on the path we once saw for ourselves.


Who you surround yourself matters. It’s not just an inspo quote (Why can’t we just type out inspiration? Do we not know how to spell it?). You truly are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. So if you like to pride yourself as being the smartest or hottest or most fit of your group of friends, chances are you’re not that special. Surround yourself with the motivated. The individuals that will settle when life is actually worth settling for. The people who would laugh at someone giving them a hard time for changing their food choices.


If you desire growth then you are amazing. If you desire change, whether you have succeeded or you have constantly stumbled in the past, you are amazing. Do not forget that. Do not devalue yourself. I want more for your life. But what I want does not mean anything if you do not want the same. Nobody can change you but you. But we change ourselves based on the influences around us. Take that to heart. Make a plan. Find awesome people. And enjoy the journey!


The nutrition challenge begins Monday. There's your chance to be surrounded by 30 other people plus 3 coaches who all want to see you succeed.