Seek Discomfort

Seek Discomfort

We live in a “treat yo self” society.

Regardless of our income level, whether we are scraping by or we are killing the game, we are conditioned to look for opportunities to seek rewards for our level of effort.

Here’s the problem. We now have grown entitled and believe that regardless of actual effort, we deserve comfort.

Comfort is a curse.

Comfort serves to distract us from our hopes and our dreams.

Comfort all too often leads to a feeling of contentment.

We should not attempt to water down our desires. If you want to change your stars, then embrace daily reminders of why you started and why you are fighting, do not hide from them.

Struggle creates great stories.

Comfort creates missed opportunities.

Discomfort is the fuel that keeps the fire burning in your soul.

Comfort is the extinguisher because life is safe with no fire at all.

When you are able to travel enough to ignore how mediocre your job is, you are doing yourself a disservice.

When you are able to drink or smoke to take the edge off each night and you don’t take steps to change what puts you there, you are falling short of your potential.

When you do anything often that has the specific purpose of making you comfortable in uncomfortable circumstances, you are not prioritizing your life.

And that’s fine. That’s your right. Just do not complain when things stay the same.

Discomfort builds character, builds drive, builds resolve, builds persistency.

At the appropriate times do go ahead and treat yourself. But when treat yourself has crept into every week, or even every day for some of us, we are creating an environment that will not foster improvement.

Dwell in discomfort and find your true desires.