The Fall 2018 Team Nutrition Challenge at Black Wolf

[Sign up for the Nutrition Challenge Here!]

THE PURPOSE: To create the opportunity, with the support of coaches and fellow athletes, to make different food related choices and implement better daily practices in an effort to live the life we deserve to live. 


SIGN UP: Monday, August 20th- Sunday, August 27th


DURATION: Tuesday, September 4th- Friday, October 5th


COST: $30 for our Athletes and $45 for Guests 


FORMAT: 5 Week Team Format with athletes being assigned to a coach before the September 4th start date. Athletes will weigh in at the gym as well as take their own measurements and pictures at home. Food choices will be recorded in the MyFitnessPal App on their phone and coaches will provide feedback weekly. Athletes will also receive a second weekly email addressing the challenges of their week and the upcoming challenges they foresee in the coming days. 

All athletes will have access to the 2018 Team Nutrition Challenge Facebook Group as well as any group setup by their individual teams. Support through text message and email will be the primary means of direct communication with the Facebook group and email being the means for general communication. 

Athletes who complete the challenge will be invited to an end of challenge dinner on Saturday, October 6th at Black Wolf (we may decide to move this to a restaurant). 

[Sign up for the Nutrition Challenge Here!]

EXPECTATION: This is not a weight loss challenge (although quite a bit of weight will certainly be lost). Athletes can expect to adopt better daily practices that will help improve their lives overall. Consistent energy levels, improved mental clarity, improved performance, and a stronger immune system are just a few of the benefits of this sort of challenge. Never mind we all tend to look better naked as the challenge progresses. 


NUMBER OF SPOTS: Space is limited to just 10 athletes per team. Last year our fall challenge had 52 people in it. This year we are only providing 40 spots. So get signed up NOW!