The Daily Blog (3 of 31): Recognize your Why


Before we begin I need you to ask yourself, why are you doing this?  It’s funny because when I type that out it makes it seem very daunting. But, in actuality, I do not think we ask ourselves why we are doing this often enough. 


If we did we very well may free up quite a bit of our time as we would be forced to confront the fact that some of our choices are not terribly productive. It would also allow us to frequently remind ourselves of why we are taking on the good things in life. 


Knowing why you are walking into the gym would set you up for a better workout. Knowing why you are meeting with your friend would make you more engaging and present. Knowing why you are choosing to make better food choices would help you commit to the journey and avoid some of the smaller obstacles that often throw people off the path. 


So why sign up for this challenge? To lose weight? To have more energy? To fix your sleep? To be a more useful human? 


When you think about this, do not discount any of your thoughts. If “because I really would like a six pack someday” flashes across your mind then that is a valid desire. Do not laugh it off. 


At the same time, dive into those deeper waters as well. Is it so your kids won’t have to put you into a home at 65? Is it so your students will have someone to look up to when they are in your class? Is it because you are sick and tired of being sick and tired? 


Dig a little. 


That will be more difficult for some than others and that is ok. As the weeks progress we will revisit this question and it will be easier to access the real answers. 


For now, scribble down a few of your reasons why. No matter how shallow or how deep, put them down. 


This is a powerful first step toward establishing hope for change.