Daily Blog (4 of 31) SATURDAYS ARE FOR….


What is your mentality when you are headed into the weekend? 


Is it similar to a rebellious child who just seems to go the opposite way of what would be preferred just for the fun of it? 


That seems to be the common approach and I certainly have lived this life in various ways over the last 32 years. The question then becomes, why is your life during the week so awful that you have to “relax” and “have fun” in less than beneficial ways? 


Saturdays are for play and relaxation. And for those who have a handle on this and who we tend to admire, they are not for the unhealthy behaviors that we seem to celebrate in society. 


That means you ought to be just as intentional with your time and your choices on Saturday as you are Monday through Friday. And when you finally have a day where you are able to dictate your schedule because your boss is no longer in control we would be well served to take advantage of that. 


This does not mean there will not be errands to run or obligations to attend to. But it does mean we are able to do those in productive ways. 


(Side note, you also should look into how often you are saying “yes” to obligations during your very rare “you time” because you do not have to say yes to anything. You have a wedding every weekend for the next 6 months? That’s a you problem. Nobody even cares if you were there. Sorry if you haven’t realized that yet. But like, you see the bride for maybe 1 minute. The rest of your time is spent in a very very mediocre social setting with very mediocre music and food. STOP SAYING YES BECAUSE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO. Say yes to what you actually WANT to do. )


You spend your week grinding it out and then when the weekend arrives you rebel against the system by not resting, not eating well, and not surrounding yourself with positive people. And we do this because we feel we have been imprisoned during our work week and now it’s time for us to do what we want. 


30,000 cheap carbohydrate calories later, and two nights of potential great sleep that were not taken advantage of, and we are rolling right back into the next week of imprisonment. Makes sense, doesn’t it?


So let’s try something different. 


For the next five weeks, do only what you WANT to do (we will use these five weeks to explore what our true desires are as many of us have never been afforded the opportunity to have our own desires and for some it has actually been beaten out of us by our lives and the thought of knowing what we truly like is almost laughable). 


You say you want to live your best life. You say you want to make your kids or your lover or your family proud. You say you want to live a life that makes you proud. So let’s do that. 


Saturdays are not for drinking. Saturdays are not for cheat days. Saturdays are not for staying up all night every weekend. And Saturdays are not for being lethargic all day mindlessly consuming whatever is on the screen. 


That was your approach up until this point and you have admitted your approach has been less than efficient. 


So let’s do this. 


Saturdays are for delicious food of all types that do not come from factory processes. Saturdays are for eating enough to be satisfied but not eating just to eat. Saturdays are for getting into the sunshine and not staying in our cave all day. Saturdays are for a few episodes of our favorite show or maybe a movie we have looked forward to but not while staring at our phone while they play in the background. Finally, Saturdays are for fun. Real fun. True fun. What is fun to you. Not what society says is fun. Society is pretty mediocre these days. They shouldn’t have a say in your life. 


Enjoy your days off but examine what enjoyment really is to you. When I did this I realized it was not for fast food for lunch and pizza for dinner followed by evening binge watching with large amounts of sweets. I also realized that the weekend is the ideal time to get a reset on my sleep. Two short nights on a weekend and you are staring down the barrel of your workweek sitting at a deficit. That’s not great. 


Change your thinking. Bike rides with friends puts a smile on your face far more than nights out drinking. Reading on the patio of a coffee shop does far more to reenergize you than watching football all day. And going to brunch and enjoying real food that does not require the world’s largest amount of syrup or butter or sugar or cheap carbs in general will set you up to fucking love yourself the rest of the weekend. 


There are very few moments for us to prioritize ourselves so when those opportunities do arrive we should really take advantage of them!