Daily Blog (6 of 31): Eat your Carbs (Plus a recipe)

When we are dealing with large scale metabolic issues, a low carb approach is certainly our ideal. This generally manifests itself in obesity and/or chronic disease (pre-diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, alzheimers, etc.). Also those who deal with hormone related issues are wise to focus on the quality of their dietary fat intake as often times that is what has been missing. 


However, if these are not things we struggle with then the approach no longer fits. 


When our goals are more performance related or we are closer to our ideal bodyweight then the idea that we should cut all of the carbohydrates out goes by the wayside. 


Instead, we look at what we need to perform well. And what we need to perform well is the right fuel.


Carbs fuel the contractions of your muscle. And carbs refuel the tanks when the muscles have recently performed at high intensity. Carbs make your muscles work and carbs make your muscles pop. 


Think of your muscles without carbs as all go and no show. They are there. And they may even begin to look better than they once did. But they are not showers. You will not snap necks with your moderate fat, low carb approach to life. 


For general population athletes (most of us) who workout for the health benefits more than for trying to conquer some performance metric, a carb-less life will still have us perform adequately. 


But when you begin to allow your carb intake to creep up a bit you coincidentally begin to stare at yourself longer in the mirror. 


So if your coach suggests you incorporate more carbohydrates in your daily intake, do it. Simple as that. We are making the suggestion because it lines up with your goals and we have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve those goals. 


Consider your life before this as your chance to run the show. How did that work?


Good. Nothing wrong with that. But now we try something different.

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