Black Wolf Bingo: January 2019


Your Bingo Board is available for pick up at the front desk!

The holidays serve to pull us out of our routine and it is no wonder than new year’s resolutions are so popular. Not only do we genuinely want to improve but we are making this plans while wishing we had not let our diet go as far as it did, or that we had tried to stay active just a bit more, or that we had not given so many people access to our time, or we forgot that sleep was still necessary even when so many parties are available.

But the past is the past and worrying about it does us no good.

So let’s have some fun.

During the month of January, athletes at Black Wolf will have the opportunity to win at the game of BINGO. And yes mam, everyone wins who puts in the work!


BINGO- a straight line of signed off blocks that goes across the board in any direction (including diagonal)

-Prize #1: $10 Gift Card

SMALL BOX- 3 Boxes per side surrounding the middle box

-Prize #1: $10 Gift Card

-Prize #2: $15 Discount on the 2019 Black Wolf Spring Nutrition Challenge ($25 instead of $40).

BIG BOX - all outer boxes

-Prize: $25 Gift Card

-Prize #2:

BLACK OUT- All of the boxes, duh

-Prize #1: Write a workout that we will do in honor of your consistency and just general awesomeness. Yes we will help you write it, but it’ll be all you.

-Prize #2: $50 giftcard to be used on retail or membership payment.

-Prize #3: A sit-down interview for the Black Wolf Untitled Podcast with Ben and Joel


Now, let’s get to the details. Most of the squares on the board are pretty self explanatory. But even so, below you will find an explanation of how you are able to have each square signed off.

For the social media posts, I will be reconciling the shares, posts, tags, etc. at the end of each week. If you would like to send me a note at the moment you post, it would help me out, but I am not signing off on the squares until I have a chance to sit down and record all of them.

The daily exercises, attend a Fitness class for example, can be signed off by the coach on site at the time you finish the class.

If I have left anything out, please let me know! And have fun with this!


Workout at 5am- This one is simple. Get yourself into just one of our 5am classes and your coach will sign this one off. Simple as that. I hear all of the time from athletes who “wish” they could get up to get to the 5am because getting your workout out of the way before your day can throw all sorts of unknown challenges in your schedule is the dream. But the first time that alarm goes off at 4am is a literal wake up call. And the amount of rationalization that takes place stands as a testament to just how committed those who consistently work out before the sun rises are.

Leave a Review on Google- `Yelp is dead (someone should let them know because I still receive 2 voicemails a day at least three times each week asking for us to advertise on the site) and Google and Facebook are now where people go for reviews. We do not do gimmicks. We do not do “6 Week Fitness Challenge to Discover the New You! FOR FREEEEEEEEEE*” (and then the asterisk states that actually you’ll pay $600 but if you lose your goal weight you might get it back which is how they pretend it’s free by the way. I learned that the other day from a guy trying to get me to do that here). 

So that means we are entirely dependent upon y’all spreading the word and review are second only to you actually telling your friends how much fun you have here. Leave a review of Black Wolf on Google and I will sign this one off.  

Attend a Class on Saturday- Saturday classes are special because, like holiday workouts, its the rare time where the early morning crew and the evening crew cross paths. If you do not normally come on Saturday then there are people who have been here for very very long periods of time who you have never laid eyes on. That’s crazy. Get in on a Saturday and your coach will sign this one off! 

Attend Sunday 10:30am Class- A long time ago we ran Open Gym from 10am to Noon. The result? One of your coaches sitting here twiddling their thumbs for two hours as maybe one of y’all would show up to stretch maybe. So we turned it into a class and almost immediately we began averaging 15 athletes per Sunday class. If you have not had the chance to hop in, Sunday’s are a bit different than our normal classes and I think that is why they are so enjoyable. Pop in and see for yourself. Your Sunday coach will sign this one off after you workout! 

Share a Black Wolf Social Media Post- Whether you share our posting from our blog, our podcast, or musings, or Joel’s amazing photos, they all will count for this one. When you share a post I receive a notification. Ill sign this one off at the end of the week that you share the post in. 


Tag Black Wolf in Your Instagram Story- We love seeing your Instagram stories inside and outside of the gym but if you tag @BlackWolfCF in them then we are able to share them on our story. So the next time you are posting a story related to the gym, tag Black Wolf and I will sign this one off. 

Sign Up For A Competition Or Fundraiser- Using your newfound or newly improved fitness outside of the gym is imperative for finding joy in working out. If you are just beating yourself up in the gym for the sake of suffering then your journey will be short. But if you are getting outside of the gym and taking part in activities that are made better by being in good shape then working out immediately becomes more sustainable. 

The CrossFit Open, OUTWOD, any other fitness comps or even races (5k, 10k, half marathon, etc.). And yes, if you are already signed up for an event in January then we will count it! 

Sign up for a competition or fundraiser and we will sign this one off. 

Post a Photo of You in Black Wolf Gear Outside of the Gym- This one is simple and it should not be anything other than a photo of you enjoying your life while wearing our gear. Post it on social and tag us and I will sign this off when I see it! 

Reserve Every Class- Reserving your spot is what you do BEFORE you arrive. Signing in is what you do once you arrive. For this box, you must reserve your spot in each class that you attend. This does require a little planning and foresight. But it will serve you well this summer when classes become full and those who do not reserve will be asked to hop into a Fitness class instead. 

*If you do not already know, there is a Zen Planner Member App available in your smartphone app store. This allows you to not only reserve your spot BUT ALSO change your billing information. Download it today! 

Weekend Warrior: Workout on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday IN THE SAME WEEKEND- Pretty self explanatory here. Workout in a class on Friday, on Saturday, and on Sunday and we will sign this one off! 


Attend a Seminar at Black Wolf- We will be hosting Jordan Weichers for a Clean & Jerk clinic on February 9th and I will be running a nutrition seminar on February 19th. Sign up for the Weichers clinic or attend the nutrition seminar and we will sign this one off for you. 

Workout in a Fitness Class- Our Fitness classes absolutely have some of our most dedicated athletes in them and we want you to share the mat with them when you get the chance. Did you know that Fitness classes are a part of your CrossFit membership? If you are not able to make it to the 6:30pm CrossFit class, you always can hop in with us at 7pm over on the Fitness mats. Hop into a Fitness class (including singing in on Zen Planner) and I will sign this one off for you. 

Workout 18x in January- This is the middle square so it is the big one! We tell our athletes that they are ideally working out 4-5x per week. With 4.3 weeks in a month, that means you are trying to workout just 4.2x each week! For those non-math majors, make it in 4x for 3 weeks, 5x for one week, and then get in here once in those extra days after the 4 weeks that make up the meat of the month. Simple. At the end of the month I will run an attendance report and sign off all of the squares that have earned it! 

Attend a Social in January- We offer multiple opportunities each month to see your coaches and fellow athletes outside of the gym. To have this one signed off, just show up and say hey at one of the socials in January! 

Place an Order with Vital Kitchen- Your nutrition is a big deal. And your life does not always create the opportunity for you to prepare your meals or even process good choices. Ready to eat meals are a life saver and the ones made by Vital Kitchen are incredibly delicious. If you have never ordered from VK before then use the link in our Instagram profile to save money on your first order. 

Finally, keep in mind that you do not need to order 4 meals a day for 7 days a week. People use this type of math to justify saying it is too expensive. First of all, your unhappiness with your food choices, the feeling you get after eating poorly, and the impact of eating a well sourced meal all outweigh any sort of cost. But, more specifically the $8-$12 you will spend on a meal from VK is not only the same price you’d pay for a quick to go meal, but it’s also much cheaper than purchasing the same quality meal from a restaurant. And for those that are quick to point out that cooking at home would be cheaper. Yes, absolutely. But do you actually do it? 

In 2019 I want you to take a baby step toward improving your nutrition. Baby steps often pay off much more than giant steps in the long run. This square is a blatant effort to help you invest in yourself. Give VK a try and I will sign this one off for you when you pick up your food. 

Order by 3pm on Wednesday to have it delivered to the gym on Sunday. 
Order by 3pm on Sunday to have it delivered to the gym on Wednesday. 


Take a Selfie with Coach- This one is easy. Snap a selfie with your coach and throw it up on social media. When you tag us we’ll sign this one off for you! 

Attend Sunday Yoga- Every Sunday we offer FREE Yoga open to everyone. Whether it’s your only chance to relax into some poses utilized to keep your tissue healthy, or you workout at 10:30am and just want to hang out a little bit longer, try out a FREE Sunday Yoga session and I will sign this one off!  

Subscribe to the Black Wolf YouTube Channel- This one is to keep us accountable. We have been intending to consistently post on YouTube. If we know that y’all will be looking then that will help us get moving on the project. Our plan is to provide movement demos, snippets from our interviews, fun and goofy episodes, and much more. When your subscription notification comes across my inbox, I will sign this one off! 

Check In on Facebook- Let the world know where we are (unless Facebook still has not corrected our address from our old location in which case, show the world where we came from!). Check in at Black Wolf on Facebook and I will sign this one off for you! 

Drop-In at Another CrossFit Gym - Competitions/Fundraisers do not count. Attend a regularly schedule class at another CrossFit gym. This normally requires a drop-in fee or the purchase of a t-shirt. 

Now, a quick note here. Do not show up without asking. Please shoot them an email and ask if you can hop in. The only caveat here is if you are able to pay the drop-in fee online. For example, here at Black Wolf, athletes are able to purchase a drop-in through our website via Zen Planner and immediately reserve a spot in class. Please do the same wherever you choose to go. 

Finally, take a picture at the gym (generally snapping a selfie with your coach is the best way to go about saying thanks) and say something nice in the caption (even if it is a complete shit show, be kind). 


Leave a Review on Facebook- This one has been explained for the “Leave a Review on Google” square in column B. Leave a review on our Facebook page and help the world see what we have to offer. Yes, you must use your words. A star rating is great, but definitely not as good as you explaining your answer! Y’all are awesome! 

Bring a Friend for their FREE Week- We love when you share Black Wolf with your friends! For this square, have a friend start there FREE WEEK and once they come 3x (less than 3x is hardly considered an actual trial), I will sign this one off for you. 

Show Off your Recovery Practice- Snap a photo at the yoga studio, the chiropractor, the masseuse, maybe the float tank, or whatever activity you choose to do as part of your recovery practice. 

Put a PR on the PR Board- January will see the interaction of the PR Board. This will be a chalkboard where we will collect all of the amazing personal records y’all set each month. PR in January, put it on the board, and I will sign this one off! Be proud of your progress! 

Record your Food In MyFitnessPal for 7 Consecutive Days- What get’s measured get’s managed and although there are many many pitfalls to worrying too much about numbers, having a loose idea of how much you are consuming (and of what) often is enough to keep us moving down the right path with our food. Download the MyFitnessPal App from your smartphone’s app store and begin recording the food you each day. Do this for seven consecutive days (recording the day you eat it. Recall is notoriously inaccurate) and I will sign this one off. 

This is not about judgement. Record everything. This is for you to benefit from. I will only be looking to see that you completed the task by logging a full days worth of food. Writing your food down is a very very good habit to get into.