Nobody is Coming to Save You


[This is the first of a series of posts focusing on the steps to take when identifying and eventually moving toward overcoming various obstacles in life. This is as deep or as shallow as you would like it to be. For example, your fitness would definitely improve if you joined this gym. But no level of coaching or expertise or community will keep you on the path if you are expecting the burden to be carried by us or others. Once you shoulder the burden yourself then we are able to help guarantee your progress by assisting with that load in various ways. Besides, don’t you think there was a reason you always wanted to be a superhero when you were a kid? Now’s your chance!]

Where is the help? If only someone would look at me surely they would see what dire straights I am currently in…..

Now, first, I have been the one looking to save someone and I have certainly been the one wanting to be saved. I have helped people who wanted me or others to do it all and we both failed, and I have helped people who truly wanted to put the work in and who had begun the journey on their own. And I have been begged to take help in my problems with alcohol, or in my struggles in business but did not budge.

The sooner we understand that for all sorts of reasons we are the only ones who are capable of pushing ourselves off on the journey of growth and betterment the sooner real progress can be seen. 

It is rare for people to fully understand how you think and how you operate. How could they? And if they do not have a full grasp of how you see things then they certainly will never have a grasp of the yearnings of your heart or the desertion of your soul. 

We are wired to connect with others, and our journey should not be entirely a solo endeavor. But the start, the restart, and the restart again must all come from us. Nobody can and, often, nobody will try to get you to start by truly speaking to your true self. 

Sometimes we do not realize we are waiting on a savior. Sometimes our passivity has snuck up on us with the skill of the most legendary special ops units in military mythology. We are wholly unaware that we have not made any significant moves in days, months, years. 

Or we feel as if we are going mad because we surely are making our best effort in this life and the universe should have been paying you back for that effort long ago. But without looking into yourself first, you may never realize a step you missed or an assumption you were operating on. And now you are only left with madness.

No matter how you end up in a situation where a fictional account would likely write in the entrance of your knight in shining armor, the reality is that you must be your own superhero. 

Whether it is waking up and realizing that you probably could not run a mile at any pace now, or finally getting sick of your pants only fitting tighter. Or maybe you are finally being worn down enough to recognize your life is no longer sustainable, we must eliminate the option of our savior sweeping in to save the day. 

Be excited because when we realize what we are truly up against and we are not distracted by potential cheat codes or short cuts, the obstacle will truly come into focus. Then and only then will you realize that you absolutely can and will overcome it.