An Interview With A Badass: Cynthia Cepeda


This Week’s Black Wolf Badass is Cynthia Cepeda

This woman is incredible. She looks 25 and operates with the associated level of energy and positivity though we would never ask how old she might actually be because a lady never tells anyway. She lives just down the street from the gym in Lindale Park and she has been with us for forever! She originally walked in our doors in the spring of last year (April, I believe)

When she first walked in the empty 15 pound bar would bury her in the back squat. Literally. 1 year later on April 18th of this year, she took 135# for 3 reps in a row! And, because sometimes the world does not appreciate such amazing gains in strength and confidence, she’s also down to a size 2. 

Be sure to meet this amazing woman the next time you come by. She’s a bright light in whatever class she attends (one of the few who is as likely to be there at 5am as she is to be there at 6:30pm) and we are so grateful to have her with us.


How long have you been at Black Wolf?

I've been attending Black Wolf for 1 year and 4 months.


How did you end up here?

Right before I joined Black Wolf I was contemplating on renewing my gym membership at LA Fitness. I live 3 streets from Black Wolf so as I would drive down Irvington I started noticing this new gym that popped up on the former party rental space. So I was amused and intrigued to see a crossfit gym in our little lindale park neighborhood. My sister's wedding was around the corner when I was serious about getting in some kind of shape and shedding some pounds to be wedding ready. One day at home I googled Black Wolf and did some research and I asked my other sister to go with me so we could try the first free week. What my sister didn't know was that deep down I was also trying to find something for her to enjoy and help her change her unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. We both really enjoyed the free trial week and wanted to keep going. I decided that I was going to only do it for 6 months, the length of time leading to my sisters wedding. (At first I did think it was a little pricy.) Now almost 1 yr and a half later, the rest is history.


What has been the biggest change for you?

The biggest change for me has been that I have become a more disciplined person to the point that I actually became a regular 6 am client and I have also attended 5 am classes. That is something that I never in my wildest dreams imagined because I have never really been a morning person and I love to sleep. Now I feel like I'm missing out when I miss a day's workout. My discipline has also led me to conquer the nutrition challenge that I thought would be so hard because I thought it would be hard to cook everyday, and sometimes with long work schedules that could get complicated. But I did what was needed to meet my goal. I thought I was doing fine by just eating organic foods but I've learned that there is so much more when you add intense cardio and strength trainings into your lifestyle. Also, that not everything that is organic is good for you.


What is your least favorite movement or exercise? 

Push-ups, for some reason they always make me feel nauseous.


Why Black Wolf?

Black Wolf has indeed changed my life in a positive healthy way. Before Black Wolf, the past 15 years I was either attending a franchise gym, yoga classes, aerobics, or kickboxing, but none never made me feel like I needed to stay and make it part of a healthy lifestyle choice and to be better. Joining Black Wolf has been the best investment that I have made for myself. I've never had the same consistent support and familiarity of other clients and coaches at a franchise gym as I have found at Black Wolf. The coaches at Black Wolf make me feel like I'm getting some sort of personal training, because the coaches get to know me so well that they know how to work with my strengths and find ways to improve my weaknesses.