An Interview With A Badass: Mike Martin

Mike Martin is absolutely a badass whether we are talking about his time at Black Wolf or not. He’s in the commercial real estate business, spends time riding horses, is an awesome family man, and eats more game meat than anyone I know. Im also pretty sure he spent his free time during the heavy Texas rains helping other ranchers make sure their animals were safely moved to high ground. 

Mike has been with us since last summer and his progress has been incredible. He is down 25# and his blood work is now officially fantastic! He trains hard and he has made a concentrated effort to improve his nutrition. With those pieces in place he continues to see progress at an age where most are already planning on packing it in. 

We are grateful for Mike being a part of this amazing community because he is a good man who brings positive vibes to every class he takes part in. We are a community of people looking to do something different. That requires support and inspiration. Mike brings both to the gym everyday. 

Make sure you shake this man’s hand next time you come by.


How long have you been at Black Wolf? 

I started working out at Black Wolf, June of 2015.


How did you end up here? 

I live about as far away as a lamp post run.  Saw a class going on a run down Woodard and came over out of curiosity to see what it was all about.  I went to my first class the next day and have been hooked ever since.


What has been the biggest change for you? 

Well the obvious is weight loss, but to me it’s how I feel both physically and mentally.  In 2014 our son, Alex committed suicide, I was lost and needed something.  I found that something at Black Wolf.  There are still plenty of tough days, but through the coaches, athletes, friendships and the workouts I endure.

It so interesting to meet friends or other people that do CrossFit and compare stories and talk about our workouts.  I don’t recall ever talking to anyone about my gym workout.   


What is your least favorite movement or exercise? 

This one is easy you saw me struggle yesterday; overhead squat.  Before I knew what an overhead squat was I probably would have said front squat.  Now I don’t mind front squats at all; so with practice and extra work I will find to like the overhead.


Why Black Wolf? 

Again it’s a lamp post run from my house, just kidding.  The PEOPLE, it’s starts with the coaches, but its everyone.  At Black Wolf I feel I am part of something, a family.  Everyone gets along so well, supports each other and encourages.  I have worked out with the 6:00 am and with the 4:30/5:30; everyone is great.  When I go to the morning class, I am like I sure have missed working with y’all, but then it’s like wow I am going to miss the folks in the afternoon class.  I guess I need to go to both.  Black Wolf is making a difference in the community and in our lives.