The Black Wolf CrossFit Athlete of the Month: Dalila Lopez

Here she is inside the last mile during her FIRST EVER MARATHON back in January 2017! 

Here she is inside the last mile during her FIRST EVER MARATHON back in January 2017! 

[By Erin Dinardo]

As a self-proclaimed couch potato and lover of television and potato chips, Dalila Lopez has transformed herself into an epic athlete, conquering challenges most only dream about.  



The start of her journey was as a CrossFit gym that closed down a few months after she had jumped in.  Once Dalila was without a CrossFit home, she began her hunt for her new pack.  



After a quick Google search for ‘crossfit gyms near me’, Dalila found Black Wolf CrossFit and stopped in to check it out.  She remembers parking on the wrong side and shining her headlights straight into the gym at the class working out and being nervous of Ben, but soon learning that even though he’s tough, he was very welcoming.  It’s been over a year since then and Dalila has been integrated into the community and she continues to thrive.



Once she joined, Dalila was invited by Wendy, the coach of Black Wolf Racing, to join her program.  With the help of Wendy, Dalila has run a half marathon, marathon and a 50k, all within the last few months.  “I fell in love with it,” she said.  Running is now a favorite of Dalila’s, thanks to the powerful racing community.



With all of the pr’s and running achievements, Dalila’s greatest achievement is her newfound confidence.  Being apart of this community has given her something she hasn’t had in a long time and she has battled depression since her dad passed away her senior year of high school. “I have felt really happy for the first time,” Dalila said.


Dalila has found many ways to use her fitness outside of the gym too.  She love the outdoors and hiked Guadalupe Peak in west Texas, which is at an elevation of 8,750 feet. Dalila also flexes her muscles when moving furniture for her mom or around her apartment and doing the grocery store bag farmer’s carry into the house in one trip.



Dalila continues to grow into a strong athlete in the gym and outside.  She’s a caring person and easy to talk to.  Her strength continues to grow, mentally, physically and emotionally. Oh, and she pr’ed her deadlift at 175 pounds on April 23rd.


Off on her first 50k Adventure at Brazos Bend State Park! 

Off on her first 50k Adventure at Brazos Bend State Park! 

What was your athletic background prior to beginning CrossFit?

I have no athletic background. I never played sports, I never did anything really. I was your typical couch potato. All I did was watched television and eat my family size bag of chips. I couldn't run without being out of breath or pick up a 15 lb bar over my head without it feeling heavy!

How did you get into CrossFit/Fitness?

Just few months before joining Black Wolf, my friend invited me to try CrossFit at another gym for the first time ever. After few months of joining that gym, they closed down. I knew I wanted to continue CrossFit so I started looking around. I went all over Houston looking for a new CrossFit gym but I didn't have any luck. The coaches in the other gyms I would go check out seem mean and I felt out of place. 

One day I google "CrossFit gyms near me" and Black Wolf popped up so I decided to go after work. I still remember, it was dark outside and I parked in a wrong spot where people were running out from. My headlights were probably shining on the people working out. (Sorry Ben and people working out that day!) 

Although Ben looked really tough, he was very welcoming! He showed me the two sides of the old gym and told me to try it out for a week. The coaches and the community made me love CrossFit and I have been doing it since.


What does being a member of BWCF/Fitness mean to you?

It means that I found a place where I feel welcome. The coaches want nothing but the best for you. You have an awesome community! When you are the last one and start panicking because everyone is done, well have no fear! Everyone stays to cheer you on! 


What does being Athlete of the Month mean to you?

I just want to say I was in shocked when Ben emailed me! I was like, why me if there is many other awesome athletics in this gym. Now, as I'm reading and answering some questions, it made me reflected how far I come since day one. Even if I don't always see it, I'm happy about what I have accomplished and what I will accomplish in the future. 


What's your greatest accomplishment at Black Wolf/Fitness?

As cheesy as this might sound, my happiness is my greatest accomplishment at Black Wolf. Without them I would still be depressed. I've been bullied for as long as I can remember. I had kids call me hurtful things, like fat pig or just tell me I was fucking ugly. This just made me have the worst self esteem ever and made me hate myself. My dad passing away on my senior year in high school, really hit me and I just fell in a deeper depression. I felt like shit and I was to the point that I wanted to take medication to help me with my depression.

Since joining Black Wolf, I meant so many wonderful people and I'm doing things I never would of imagine! Coach Ben teaching us about nutrition (which helped me loose weight) and always pushing me to be better! Coach Wendy training me to be a better runner! I don't think without her I would of ran a half marathon, marathon or a 50k! Coach Joel and Nikolle being great coaches, always there when you need help! The coaches, the community and my little accomplishments helped me feel happy about myself. Also, my self esteem has gotten better since! I'm not scared to wear shorts now! 

Her positivity is abundant and quite apparent from the moment you meet her. And she's taken her Racing Coach Wendy's advice on how to handle camera men on the running course! 

Her positivity is abundant and quite apparent from the moment you meet her. And she's taken her Racing Coach Wendy's advice on how to handle camera men on the running course! 


What's one piece of advice you would give to someone starting CrossFit/Fitness?

Don't give up. You will get the movements and you will get stronger. You will be lifting weight you never imaging you could do. You will be able to run longer than before. Take it from someone who once thought it was impossible to do half of the things I'm doing now.

The End

[Interview and post written by Erin Dinardo]

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