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Black Wolf Fitness

Black Wolf Fitness was introduced in order to continue our efforts to give everyone access to hope for a healthier and happier life. Not everyone loves a barbell or the hour long CrossFit classes. That's why we have our 45 minute classes over on the Fitness side of the gym. 

This program is ideal for those who want to move for the majority of the class time using simple movement patterns that are easily embraced. Yes, there is still technique to these movements which is where most boot camp/hiit programs go wrong. But with our world of experience breaking down the more technical movements in our CrossFit program, we are able to get you moving almost immediately through safe and full ranges of motion. This guarantees better results. 

No experience is necessary and those who have not worked out in a while find that although challenging, we use the infinite scalability of the workouts to set them up to succeed alongside more fit athletes who push at their own level. 

And finally, our Fitness athletes still enjoy all of the benefits of this great community as both programs are often brought together through our social activities, our in-house fundraisers and events, and simply during the time between classes. 

We offer a FREE Week of Classes so be sure to grab that here. Then all you have to do is show up to any class on the schedule!