We would love to have you come by, meet our coaches, see our community in action. Create your free account online and you will have 7 consecutive days to try out and experience everything you Can!


The Path To CrossFit

Getting started is as easy as registering for a FREE week of classes here and then showing up to any class on the schedule that works for you! During your free week, you are not limited on what classes you are able to attend. If it is on our schedule and it is not full, you are more than welcome to sign up and jump in! Come as many times as you would like in those seven days. We understand that people are concerned with being overwhelmed by the workouts and the environment, but we pride ourselves on modifying anything necessary in order for you to get a great workout while staying safe. We also prefer you be able to come back in. A one and done workout does neither party any good. We want you to come back! 

Our workouts are challenging. There are things that are done that seem impossible when you first come in. Keep in mind that you will not be asked nor will you be allowed to do anything you are not prepared to do. There may be times where you are pushed to conquer something that has been standing in your way but you will never be forced to do so. It is important that we build confidence physically and mentally. This may take a while or it may come together very quickly. Our health and wellness is a journey and there is no rush. Haste is not our friend. Discipline and patience are far more important!