"If you can cry for a 60-year-old woman climbing a rope for the first time, you're going to like this job. And you're going to do well. If you're numb to that, it's not going to work."

-Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder & CEO

The Black Wolf CrossFit and Fitness Programs exist for one reason: to improve the quality of life for anyone that walks through our doors. It just so happens that teaching people do awesome things like pull ups or pistols or muscle ups or proper squats leads to that improvement. And the whole time we are having fun, meeting new people, sharing experiences, and telling stories. 

I run a lean operation. I was trained in a gym that had 16 coaches on staff, some coaching only once class per month. This was not my ideal and although managing all of those coaches was a great opportunity for me and each and everyone of them had an impact on my life, it was clear in my mind that leaner was better. The reason I mention this is simply to put things into perspective. I am building a team. Not a staff. I am hiring  family, not just employees to work under me. Whether you are part time (10 classes or less per week) or full time (12+ classes), the athletes of Black Wolf are your priority. 

We are excited to introduce a couple of positions that we are looking to fill. First and foremost, we would love a CrossFit coach who is also excellent with our Fitness (boot camp) program. BUT we also are looking into hiring Fitness ONLY coaches. If barbell work is not something you enjoy or feel comfortable coaching or maybe you enjoy the high energy of studio classes like spin, Fitness is perfect. We want expertise, charisma, and energy in all of our coaches. But our Fitness coaches must carry the energy of a class on a new level. If you have experience in spin, boot camp, or any other globo-gym style studio program, then this is for you. 


Finally, we do things differently. I have fired perfectly adequate coaches who will absolutely do just fine at another affiliate or gym. But they didn't fit here. Whether it was investment in our athletes, attitude inside or outside of class, or simply a lack of effort above what is expected, I chose to go a different direction even when their absence put a bigger burden on the back of my team. The result? It's a beautiful thing. Whether we are coaching our CrossFit athletes or our Fitness athletes, I know that each of us is there for the sole purpose of supporting the athletes who show up in a variety of ways. 

If the idea of changing the world through nutrition, proper movement, activity, training, or sport (among many other related fields) interests you, then I would ask you to consider Black Wolf CrossFit as a part of your journey. We have trained coaches from day 1 and we have integrated experienced coaches into our approach. 


There are two things you truly ought to do. The first is leave a voicemail at (713)806-1475. There's a chance I will pick up but that is unlikely. 

Second, come workout. The chances of you becoming a part of this increase exponentially when you have introduced yourself to us and our community of amazing athletes. Nobody cares whether you have experience coaching or whether you have the time to beat for the day. It is about community. And that is a fundamental theme that we will always revisit throughout your time with us. If you do not involve yourself in the day to day goings on in our community then this will not work for you. 


The initial interview with me. Ideally we will meet at the gym or a local coffee shop but phone interviews are possible as well. This sit down will be 45 minutes long. I find if we do not set a time then we might talk for hours. 


Workout 3 times during the Black Wolf CrossFit classes. This could already be taking place if you took the advice in Step 1. Once you sit down for your initial interview, you have access to all of our classes so long as you are in the training pipeline. Even if you are told that this will not workout after Step 4, you still will have had 1-3 weeks depending on your availability to enjoy the program for free. 


2nd interview with the team. This sit down will be with one or two team members. You will already be familiar with them because you have been working out in the classes. The team will simply discuss the vision we have and discuss with you how you see yourself fitting in and contributing. Remember, we are all about growth, both personal and business. 


Begin the true training pipeline. Experienced coaches could be paid in just 2 weeks form this point and coaching full time in less than a month. Inexperienced coaches will embark on a 3 month journey (average time for completion) that will culminate with the title of head coach being offered. Inexperienced trainees also are able to be paid within 2 to 3 weeks of beginning their training. 


Once you are a new coach, you will enter into a 3 month probationary period. You are a full fledged team member at this point but both you and I are still making sure this is the right fit. During this 3 months you will not be asked to leave for no reason so do not worry about that. But you will either be firing on all cylinders at the end of the 3 months or we will be looking for a remedy for whatever it is we come up against. Coaches on probation are still being paid their full hourly amount.