We are a community based gym. That sounds cheesy, but it has never been more true. We focus on improving peoples quality of living through health and wellness. We are about confronting the unknown and making difficult changes in our lives in order to achieve something greater. We build a social support system by having our clients invest in each other. There is no intimidation and it is important that all feel welcomed. At the same time, we will not accept anything less than complete commitment. I guess there is a soft edge to it.

Black Wolf is named after my dog. He is a german shepherd/border collie mix. I have called him the black wolf since he started getting so big. 

The Staff


Black Wolf CrossFit is owned and operated by Ben Jocz. Ben has been in the CrossFit industry since 2009 when he first walked through the doors of CrossFit San Antonio as a client. Since then, he spent 4 years managing and owning 2 different affiliates in the Houston area before embarking on this journey. 

CrossFit Level 2 

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Football

Naka Athletics Gymnastics Seminar

Precision Nutrition Certificiation

CPR/AED & First Aid-Red Cross