Let Us Hear You! You probably know some things we don't. 

My experience has shown me that no matter how things are going the community has feedback to give. The question is whether or not they are made to feel comfortable enough to give it openly and honestly. It may be a case that the gym has become unwelcoming (this cannot happen and if it does please please please tell us!!!!) or perhaps the suggestion is embarrassing (women's hygiene products in the bathroom?).

No matter what the situation, we will offer this feedback loop, a simple survey from SurveyMonkey.com, for you to shoot us a suggestion whenever you'd like.

We are here to serve our community. Unfortunately in this business, it is easy to become wrapped up in what you (the business owner or the coaches) think is best. And we do not always nail it! Clients always have valuable insight that is integral to the success of the community!

Let us hear what you have to say! please click here!