Park Workout- Tuesday 111814

This morning we met at Memorial Park at 5:30am and had some fun. Our park workouts are 45 minutes long and open to anyone and everyone. Send us an email ( if you are interested in hopping in. Your first workout is FREE! 

Warm Up:

50 Jump Ropes/30 Jump Ropes

3 Rounds/2 Rounds of:

5 Air Squats

5 Push Ups

Stability Work:

4x :20 on/:10 off Plank Holds with a focus on squeezing the butt and quads, and sucking the belly button back to the spine.


8:00 EMOM

10 Russian Swings at 35# for 4:00

7 Russian Swings at 44# for 4:00

MetCon: 3 Rft

10 Slam Balls (20#)

50m Uneven Farmers Carry (44#/35#)

5 Burpees

50m Uneven Farmers Carry

10 Russian Twists (35#)