Park Workout- Thursday 112014




This morning we met at Memorial Park at 5:30am and had some fun. Our park workouts are 45 minutes long and open to anyone and everyone. Send us an email ( if you are interested in hopping in. Your first workout is FREE! 




Warm Up: 3 Rounds

25 Single Unders

40 Yard Skip (Like Dorothy) 

10 Air Squats

2 Rounds:

10 Arm Circles Forward and Back

2 Inch Worms


Skill: 3 Rounds

10 Russian Kb Swings (26#) (Review what we covered on Tuesday)

3 Athletic Burpee (focusing on your landing mechanics)


Strength: 4 Rounds

5 Strict Push Ups

Max Effort Kb Push Press (26# each)


MetCon: 2 Rft

5 Single Arm Thrusters (25#)

10m Lunges with Dumbbell 

30m Sprint

5 Single Arm Thrusters

10m Lunges w/ DB

And Then, 2 Rft

5 Single Arm Thrusters

10m Overhead Lunges (unweighted, holding a jump rope)

30m Sprint

10m Overhead Lunges

5 Single Arm Thrusters


Accessory: 5 Rounds of

:10 Hollow Body Holds

:10 Superman Holds