Remember, there is no class on Thursdays! So get in tomorrow (Wednesday) and again on Friday to finish the week strong! 

We will be open for a 9am Saturday class open to EVERYONE! So go ahead and put that on your weekend schedule! 

Warm Up:

400m Run

High Knees/High Heels/Skip/Knee Hug to Lunge with Twist/Instep

And then, 4 Rounds of

3 Push Ups/5 Air Squats/7 Straight Leg Sit Ups

Strength: Back Squat 4x10

  • This is not for weight, this is not for a program. This is simply for me to see you squat and for you to get back into the groove. You'll have 2 warm up sets and then straight to increasing weight for 3 sets of 10 reps. Again, not meant to crush souls here. Just get under the bar and lets see what you've got. We will begin incorporating more squats as we progress (and receive more of our equipment). 

MetCon: For Time

400m Run

20 Wall Balls (20#/10# with slam balls. Yes, that means 10# for ladies. Enjoy it...Oh, but its to the 10 foot line, so enjoy that as well)

200m Slam Ball Run

20 Wall Balls

200m Slam Ball run

20 Wall Balls

400m Run