This is our first Saturday 9am Class! It is absolutely FREE and you should definitely come hop in! 

MetCon: "Dead Carolers" (I do not normally name workouts so do not get used to it. I also do not usually post Saturday workouts as they will eventually be intended to crush you. But in the first few months you will see what you are getting yourself into. There are plenty of options and changes that are able to be made to accommodate any movement issues you may have!)

20:00 AMRAP

10 Deadlifts (~135#/95#)

8 Evil Wheels (Scale is straight leg sit ups)

6 Burpees 

Run [the runs will increase as you progress through the workout. You are running from the building to the front door (you'll be in the street, so just even with the doors) of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. houses on the right side of Irvington Blvd.]