Daily WOD-082214

I will begin posting workouts daily even though we are not looking to be open for a few more weeks. If you stumble upon these workouts and do not know me, please do not hesitate to comment or email me with any questions you may have. I generally program for specific people or specific group so for now it will either be for the amazing Jaime (an athlete) or for my imaginary clients (meaning the workouts are for regular people and not super advanced athletes). 


Warm Up: 6 Rounds of

:30 hip bridges

:30 planks

And then, 6 Rounds of

10 knee hug into lunge with twist (towards the lead leg with arms outstretched and externally rotated to hug the world)

10 burpees


Strength: 3x5 Back Squat 

Focus on reaching back with the hips. Maintain as close to a vertical shin angle as possible. You will not be able to go ass to grass. 


MetCon: 10:00 AMRAP 

3 strict pull ups

6 handstand push ups

9 Deadlifts (115#) (have a completely vertical shine the entire pull. Even at the start